117 women inspired by the ‘Relationshift’ workshop in Los Angeles

Relationsshift is celebrating the completion of its sixth series of in-person marriage workshops for women in Los Angeles. Full story

Relationsshift is celebrating the completion of its sixth series of in-person marriage workshops for women in Los Angeles. One hundred and seventeen women participated in this series of six-part workshops to improve their marriage, led by Kalmenson hindi.

Sara Gita Soble established Relationsshift in 2019 out of a need for an organization that would provide an exclusively Jewish system of education and support for women in marriage. The Relationshipshift method focuses on improving yourself and, therefore, improving your marriage. Relationshipshift offers marriage and relationship support and education through one-on-one coaching, group workshops, national retreats and a supportive community.

The series of workshops covered topics such as: “At the Root: The Sefirot”, “The Dynamics: Mashpia and Mekabel” and “Reflections: How Can I Receive?” In addition, “My thoughts have creative power”, “Ownership” and “The 13 principles at the heart of reception”.

Women who attended the workshop series said it inspired them to continue on their journey of building stronger bonds within their marriages, with thoughts such as: “This workshop really opened up my eyes on a new way of thinking and living. I am so grateful for what you have taught me. – Malka P. and “Thank you for teaching me to dig deep and own myself. I learned to trust and respect myself and my husband, and this workshop helped me heal. I am forever changed and forever grateful. – Hadasa M.

Relationsshift’s vision is for every Jewish family to experience a deep sense of Shalom Bayis based on Torah values ​​and on a mission to inspire, teach and support Jewish women to discover how to bring out the best in them. themselves and their relationships.

Relationshipshift Founder Sara Gita Soble has developed 13 Relationshipshift Principles that guide all workshops, retreats and programs. These principles offer a liberating approach to resolving hurts and create powerful new ways to communicate complex topics that leave both partners in a marriage feeling connected and with a renewed sense of intimacy.

The Relationsshift approach is unique because it focuses on women realizing their true selves, aligning them with their femininity, based on timeless Torah values. Additionally, some organizations only deal with crises, while Relationsshift’s more inclusive approach is compelling and can impact anyone, regardless of marital status, increasing Shalom Bayis to the whole community. Jewish nation.

According to Miriam F., “I learned to be a better friend and mother. This class showed me a new way of living. I found my inner confidence free. You gave me a new pair of glasses to see the world. This course taught me to look below the surface and assess myself and my beliefs.

As Jewish women, we are always looking to improve ourselves and our relationships. So whether you want to improve your self-esteem and your marriage or are going through a crisis in your life right now, the next California Relationshipshift retreat might be just the thing for you: https://www.createrelationshift.com/event-details/relationshift-spring-retreat.