Aberdeenshire Scarecrow Making Workshop named competition finalist

The scarecrow-making workshop, which takes place before its annual scarecrow trail, has always proven extremely popular.

Justine’s workshop at Aden Country Park, on behalf of Buchan Development Partnership, has been praised for bringing families out into nature to have fun by getting both messy and creative, and at the same time learning more on the rich heritage of the park.

His role as Skills Development and Events Manager for Aden National Park is supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Justine’s role is to create events that will bring people to Aden National Park, and the scarecrow-making workshop, which takes place before her annual scarecrow trail, has always proven extremely popular.

Scarecrow-making events are usually attended by children aged 3-11 and their parents. Groups work outside in the sensory garden, whatever the weather, to make a variety of scarecrows which are hidden around the park to be found by the approximately 300 people who walk the scarecrow trail.

Justine said: “We always have fun making the scarecrows out of lots of straw and clothes from our local charity shops.

“It can get messy, so we do it outside come rain or shine, but kids have fun dressing up their own unique creations.

“They get so much joy from being in the fresh air, getting help designing their scarecrow, learning about the park’s rich history, and then feeling immensely fulfilled when they find their scarecrow on the trail and, sure other people on the trail admire them.”

Sebastian Boppert of Eventbrite said, “Among the wide variety of experiences on Eventbrite, the Scarecrow Workshop stood out for many reasons besides being delightfully different.

“It’s a family-friendly activity that gets everyone out and has that element of messiness and creativity while creating something unique that creates great memories for everyone involved.

“The workshops definitely deserve to be finalists in the competition.”