An organization suspected of being linked to the CCP was set up in the UK to influence the people of Hong Kong

Two people, one suspected of working for the CCP and the other suspected of being a former police commissioner in Hong Kong, have registered two companies in the UK, allegedly to hire Hong Kong students and their parents living United Kingdom.

Hong Kong organizations in the UK are created under the control of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as part of its United Front which uses geographically separated groups to advance its interests and neutralize opposition to its policies and its authority.

The White Horses Facebook page cited unnamed sources who identified the two companies as Hong Kong Overseas Students Association Limited (company number: 14285011) and Students Parents Association Limited (company number: 14285006).

The two organizations were established on August 9 and the directors are Xiaoyi Li and Hang Mo Wai.

Xiaoyi Li

The Epoch Times checked a UK government website, showing that Xiaoyi Li was born in September 1975, and the address of the “Hong Kong Overseas Students Association”, registered on August 9, 2022, is Unit 39 St Olavs Court Business Centre, Lower Road, London, England, SE16 2XB.

Li also established and managed two companies: World Muslim Cup International Regatta Limited (company number: 14284838) and Asean Cup International Regatta Limited (company number: 14284861).

According to the website, a person named Xiaoyi Li, who has the same date of birth, is also the president of other companies that are still in operation, such as the UK Chinese Students Association (company number: 09871458), Euro Asia Youth Association (company number: 09840704), Xin Jiang Association of United Kingdom (company number: 10462780) and Panda New Media Limited (company number: 09156354).

Li has also served as chairman of many registered companies or organizations, including The Europe Xinjiang Business Association (company number: 10522261), UK New Chinatown Holding Ltd (company number: 10430404) and UK-China Friendship Promotion Limited (company number: 10430404). company: 11906770).

According to The White Horses, Xiaoyi Li has established various types of student organizations since 2008 and attracts students through cultural and recreational activities. One of the organizations uses soft power to control Uyghurs outside mainland China.

The source said that all of Xiaoyi Li’s businesses and organizations are related to Muslims and Xinjiang. He is believed to have used the companies to control Uyghurs living abroad, and now to control Hong Kong expats.

Li is suspected of being the CCP’s “white gloves,” that is, the facilitator of a front company that appears legitimate on the surface but is controlled by the CCP and promotes its agenda.

The organization Li recently set up on behalf of Hong Kong students may have a similar goal.

The unnamed source said he hoped to release relevant information to alert Hong Kong immigrants to the UK to beware of the ultimate purpose of these organisations.

Hang Mo Wai

According to the British government, Hang Mo Wai was born in January 1959.

Wong Shiu Chi Secondary School in Hong Kong says there is a former student of the same name who completed Form 5 in 1977 and joined the Royal Hong Kong Police in 1979 as Superintendent of Operations for the region south of the new territories.

The source also researched the aforementioned series of alleged China-linked organizations, and in order to protect safety and ensure Hong Kongers understand the background of the organizations, the information was posted on the Britons In Hong Kong Telegram group. .

CCP infiltration in the UK

With the growing number of Hong Kongers living in the UK, many organizations have been set up to involve them; but their real purpose is debatable.

Another British association, Hong Kong People Association, was founded by William Je, who has close ties to the CCP, who is a former Hong Kong member of the Chongqing Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), a political council body in China and a central part of the United Front system.

He is the executive chairman of the Hong Kong Youth Association, which is also a pro-CCP organization.

The organization joined the “Alliance for Peace and Democracy” launched by Robert Chow Rong and other pro-Communist figures to oppose the Occupy Central and Umbrella movement in Hong Kong which fought for a real universal suffrage in 2014.

Simon Cheng Man-kit, the founder of Hongkongers in Britain, a UK-based Hong Kong expatriate association, said the incident “certainly raises doubts among some Hong Kongers”.

Cheng said the CCP can use “food, [and] activities that are not related to politics” to influence Hong Kong immigrants to the UK, minimize their dissatisfaction with the CCP, and then win them over.

It is very common for the CCP to unite students from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan through various organizations.

In addition, the “Hong Kong CPPCC Youth Association” has targeted Hong Kong students studying in the UK in recent years. The Association’s mentorship program connects people from different professional industries with Hong Kong students from UK higher education institutions and is promoted by a number of Hong Kong student groups in the UK.

Many Hong Kong organizations in Britain criticized the program this year, saying the plan was part of the CCP’s United Front and brainwashing efforts, and calling on student unions who joined the program to withdraw from the program. plan and to distance themselves from the CPPCC Youth Association. .

In January 2021, the CCP updated the “Regulations of United Front Work,” which clearly stated that the main task of overseas united front work is to strengthen “ideological and political guidance” for Chinese and those who study abroad so that they “love communist China and the CCP” and agree with the saying “Socialism with Chinese characteristics”.


vincent lam