Arizona teenager starts shoe collection organization for those in need

An Arizona high school student took action after seeing a man on the side of the road with tattered shoes, and now his actions have turned into a non-profit organization helping hundreds of people.

Over the past year, 17-year-old Jake Krotonsky and his friend Alex have bought about 120 pairs of shoes.

“I was driving home from school one day, and we saw a man on the side of the street with completely worn out shoes – basically, he wasn’t even wearing shoes, and we decided we had to do something,” Krotonsky said. . “It was not acceptable for people to walk around without anything on their feet, and so we decided to create this organization.”

2-core soles now focuses on getting shoes on for Phoenix-area kids in foster care and others less fortunate.

“We mainly contact different organizations in the Valley, so Saving Amy, Arizona Helping Hands are the two we work with,” the teenager said.

Teens organize fundraisers, garage sales, special school events and whatever it takes to make a difference. So far they have raised over $8,000.

“Initially, we never thought we would get to this scale of being able to organize all these different events for the children and being able to raise so much money, but thanks to the help of our school and also through different partners. of the valley, we’ve really been able to thrive as a charity,” he said.

Jake says it’s the children who thrive the most.

“They’re usually pretty calm, but usually from their face you can see from their eyes that they’re smiling, excited to try them out, they’re going to run into them,” he said.

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