Artists and art lovers learned about landscape painting in a workshop

From selecting the subject to adding all the emotions and mood, it’s all about painting. Artists and art lovers were introduced to landscape painting during a special workshop held on Friday.

The workshop was organized by the Srajana Academy of Fine Arts.

The landscape workshop was held on Friday, led by an eminent artist Vinay Sapre. Artists from different cities and states participated in the workshop.

During the workshop, the participants learned the basics of painting and then they learned the technique of watercolor on canvas. The participants learned the basic strokes.

To start the workshop, Sapre talked to the participants about the selection of topics. He said that for a creative work of art, it is important to choose the subject wisely. The sharp-edged subject adds life to the painting. Later, in the next session, they were told about making and color shading.

Vinay also focused on light and shadow, the right mix of colors and how to bring out the best in emotions on canvas. He also gave a short demonstration of his paintings to the attendees.

Notably, the workshop was organized focusing on building a stronger foundation in traditional techniques. This was followed by technical lectures and demonstrations by Vinay.