Bolton: Wesoughton Secondary School hosts Don’t Burst My Bubble workshop

An artist visited a secondary school in Bolton this week to teach a range of innovative and exciting art techniques to pupils.

The workshop was led by Claire Connolly of Don’t Burst My Bubble, a group that aims to “make its mark” on the community by creating abstract art using a range of materials.

Ms. Connolly taught her techniques to students and parents at Wesoughton High School, who were delighted to have the opportunity to participate.

On Tuesday this week, a statement from the school said: “Yesterday Don’t Burst My Bubble artist Claire Connolly presented a fabulous workshop to some of our eighth and ninth graders as well as some of their parents.

“It was a fabulous opportunity for everyone to get creative with many different materials and generate brands that matter using a range of innovative and exciting techniques.

“The end results were fabulous.

“Thank you Claire for providing such a great opportunity and congratulations to all for participating.”

Ms Connolly also participates in a range of activities under the Don’t Burst My Bubble banner which she says can also be hugely beneficial to mental health and unlock people’s artistic potential.