Broncos announce donation of over $ 200,000 to player-nominated organization through club’s Social Justice Fund

ENGLEWOOD, Col. – As part of the Denver Broncos’ Inspire Change program, the organization on Friday announced a donation of more than $ 200,000 to player-nominated social justice programs across Colorado.

In addition to funding, over $ 65,000 was donated by the Broncos team and players throughout the 2021 season, for a total of $ 275,000 and over for Inspire Change programs and initiatives.

More than 20 players participated in the review, vote and selection of six Colorado programs and organizations each to receive $ 35,000 through the team’s Social Justice Fund (Black Resilience in Colorado Fund, Center for Work Education and Employment, Colorado Freedom Fund, Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund, RAW tools, and Sun Valley Community Center). These designated initiatives focus on criminal justice reform, economic development, equity, gun violence awareness and prevention, and police and community relations (more information on each recipient organization below). below).

The Broncos inspire change was launched in September 2020 after players, coaches and team staff engaged in lengthy conversations as an organization. President and CEO Joe ellis, President of Football Operations John elway and head coach Vic Fangio all were involved in the creation of the program, which expanded programming in four key areas: Education, Awareness and Funding, Diversity and inclusion and Activism.

The funding of the grant comprises the Awareness and Funding component of The Broncos inspire change. Since 2018, the Broncos have donated more than $ 1,000,000 to player-selected causes and organizations to make a difference in the fight for social justice.

During the 2021 season, players worked in public and behind the scenes primarily on the following issues: youth mentoring, criminal justice and bail reform, police and community relations, and outreach and prevention of armed violence.

The grant announcement comes the day before the team’s very first Inspire Change game, Saturday, Jan.8, at Empower Field in Mile High.

The following will be incorporated into match day: Inspire Change helmet decals, ‘Advance Social Justice’ and ‘It Takes All of Us’ end zone stencils, goal post wraps and banners, and side headgear for all players, coaches and staff.


Black Resilience in Colorado Fund (equities)

the Black Resilience in Colorado (BRIC) Fund is allocating resources to fight systemic racism and its impact on black communities in metro Denver, which has seven counties. The fund specifically supports nonprofit organizations run by and serving black communities. The fund provides grants and supports capacity building to help organizations build resources to withstand current crises and ensure long-term sustainability. Funding from the Broncos will be used to support organizations led by and serving black communities.

Center for Work Education and Employment (Economic Development)

This year marks the Center for Work Education and Employment (CWEE) 40th Anniversary of Empowering Colorado Job Seekers to Achieve Personal and Professional Goals. The CWEE fosters the personal and professional transformation of low-income families through confidence building, tailored training and career advancement. CWEE accomplishes its mission by providing evidence-based, culturally sensitive and trauma-informed skills, career counseling and job retention support in the Denver metro area. CWEE has a network of 100 partner employers and connects participants to quality employment opportunities.

Colorado Freedom Fund

Colorado Freedom Fund (CFF) is a community revolving bond fund that aims to end wealth-based holding through legislation, litigation and direct action (by paying a cash bond). CFF is helping free Coloradans from pre-trial incarceration, which has a disproportionate impact on people of color. The funding will be used to cover the Coloradans’ cash deposit.

Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund (Armed Violence Awareness and Prevention)

Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund focuses on awareness and education work related to the prevention of gun violence. Contributions help lead groundbreaking original research, develop evidence-based solutions to the gun violence crisis in the United States, and launch public awareness campaigns to educate advocates, policymakers and the country in his outfit. Funding from the grant will be used to support the Students Demand Action Program, an initiative led by high school and college students across the country working to end gun violence in their communities.

RAWtools (gun violence prevention and police and community relations)

RAW tools is an armed violence prevention organization whose mission is to “disarm hearts, forge peace and cultivate justice”. In the spirit of turning swords into plowshares, RAWtools turns guns into garden tools and connects people to non-violent conflict resolution and prevention skills. RAWtools hosts gun donation events statewide and will be working in Denver and Aurora in 2022. In addition to gun donation, RAWtools offers nonviolence workshops statewide. Colorado that focus on witness intervention, de-escalation, restorative justice, and more. Funding will be used to support gun donation events and locally relevant nonviolence programs in Denver and Aurora.

Sun Valley Community Center (Equity and Economic Development)

Located a few blocks from Empower Field in Mile High, the Sun Valley Community Center was founded with the intention of creating an inclusive space where the diversity in the Sun Valley neighborhood would be honored and celebrated. The mission is to create a safe and supportive place to serve children and families with food and love through weekly dinners for children and families, in-person and virtual cooking classes, entertainment programs. ’employment and enrichment for young people, a local chef entrepreneurship program, a meal twice a week. pantry, community grocery store and local social enterprise restaurant (Sun Valley Kitchen). The programs are designed to nurture, enrich, educate, unite and employ those who live in the Sun Valley neighborhood. Broncos funding will be used to support all programs with a focus on youth employment and professional development.