Campus ministry holds workshop on prayer jars, vision boards, helps students set goals and engage spiritually

The campus ministry held an event on January 26 where students made prayer jars and vision boards to encourage each other and to remind themselves to set aside time for spiritual engagement.

A prayer jar is a pot, vase or other object that serves as a reminder to pray. This can also be used in non-religious contexts, with the jars symbolizing a reminder to take time out to relax. A vision board is a collage of images that can include affirmation words or goal reminders. This could include religious, spiritual or personal goals.

The event took place in the community hall adjacent to the Chapeland it was a great open space to get creative while social distancing.

In times of stress, it can be difficult to prioritize faith and prayer. When life gets really busy and stressful, that’s often when people benefit the most from the life of faith.

Prayer jars are a great way to express creativity while engaging spiritually. Vision boards can also be a very creative way to visualize your spiritual or overall life goals and ensure you are sticking to them. Notepads, magazines and markers were provided so students could be as creative as possible.

Students Calista Robledo and Sierra Garcia were the spiritual development coordinators for the event.

“We wanted to provide a space for students to reflect on what they wanted spiritually for the new year,” Robledo said. “Whether they are religious or not, we think it’s important for students to have this time to set their spiritual intentions or goals.”

Prayer jars can include basic prayers, reminders to pray, or affirmation messages. You can write Bible verses that you particularly resonate with, or reminders about faith or life in general.

Prayer jars can have so much going for them. They can include specific prayers, verses, or anything else you want to remember. (Isabella Bass/Hilltop Views)

Your vision board can include calming or aesthetic images combined with goal reminders or Bible verses if you are religious. It’s a great way to complete a calming craft project while feeling productive and clearing your mind. The vision board is definitely more visual than the prayer jar, so it might be a better tool for you if you respond more to visual details and reminders. If you are more into writing, the prayer jar would be the tool for you.

It can also be a family or a group activity. A family or group of friends can submit prayer requests to the prayer jar or create a collaborative vision board together. It was a really fun way to come together and support each other. Whether these activities are personal or you do in a group, prayer jars and vision boards can bring a lot of peace and happiness into your life.