CEE Animation Workshop announces its selection

Organizers of the year-long training program again received a record number of applications as it continues to grow year on year. Applications came from 19 countries, as the call was open to all EU countries for the first time. Thirty-two participants from 12 countries will participate in the 2022 edition, divided between 12 teams with an animated project and four career-oriented participants.

“The traditional pool of CEE countries will be even more diverse this year with the addition of participants from Sweden, France and Poland. All indications show that we have another very good year ahead of us with exciting projects to frame, develop and pitch to hit the funding market by November 2022,” explains Juraj Krasnohorsky, Head of Studies.

The selection is balanced, with the proportion of female participants reaching almost half, and diverse in terms of animation project format with three feature films, three television series, one television special and five short films. The topics covered are also varied, ranging from children’s problems to adult problems.

Twelve facilitated projects and four non-project participants will complete three online modules and one residential module throughout the year. Their closest associates will be group leaders and script advisors. Through expert lectures, moderated discussions, group work and individual consultations, they will provide their own feedback and offer their expertise on participants’ projects, drawing on a wealth of professional experience as as leading European producers. Script Advisors will work with project teams individually and in group sessions, helping them craft their story voice in the best way possible in terms of dramatic structure, genre, and story arc. Group leaders are Jean-François Le Corre (Vivement Lundi!, FR) and Ole Wendorff-Østergaard (Danish Film Institute, DK), and script advisors are Rita Domonyi (HU) and Phil Parker (UK).

In addition to completing the full workshop curriculum, four career-focused participants will also receive one-on-one mentorship on developing their careers and business strategy. The program tailored to the needs of animation creators will see selected projects from their early stages through to the final developed production package, ready to hit the market.


Imaginary world

D. Veljko Popovic

p. Milivoj Popovic, Prime Render doo, Croatia

feature film

New Rabbitland

D. Ana Nedeljkovic, Nikola Majdak Jr.

p. Jelena Mitrović, Film House Bas Celik, Serbia

feature film


Screenwriter: Filip Diviak

p. Kristina Lenka Ruzickova, ARCHA production sro, Czech Republic

feature film


Screenwriter: Jaroslav Klimes

p. Jindrich Trčka, COFILM, Czech Republic

TV shows


p. and screenwriter: Caroline Drab, BCD Film AB, Sweden

TV shows

The bones of NAAVA

D. and screenwriter: Tereza Došková

art d. Mikuláš Podprocký

p. Tomas Simon, Czech Republic
TV shows

Pets and others

D. and screenwriter: Justyna Osiecka

p. Paulina Zacharek, Momakin Sp. z oo, Poland
TV special


D. and screenwriter: Marek Naprstek

p. Zuzana Kučerová, Frame Films, Czech Republic

Short film


D. Réka Anna Szakaly

p. Daniel Deak, Daazo Film and Media, Hungary

Short film

hide and seek

D. Ana Aleksovska

screenwriter: Vladimir Dimoski, Serbia, North Macedonia

p. Ivan Popovic, Sineast, North Macedonia

Short film

No one has ever looked at elephants like you do

D. and screenwriter: Sandra Jovanovska, North Macedonia
p. Miha Černec, Staragara, Slovenia

Short film

the radiance

D. Bara Halirova, Czech Republic

screenwriter: Vykintas Labaunauskas, Lithuania

p. Karolina Davidova 13ka, Czech Republic

Short film

Participants without a project

Edwina Liard, producer

Ikki Films, France

Miloš Ljubomirović, producer
Servia Film, Serbia

Justė Michailinaitė, producer
Broom Films, Lithuania

Miljan Vučelic, producer
DOK Produkcija, Montenegro

All visuals and project details here.

CEE Animation Workshop is organized with the support of Creative Europe – MEDIA Program of the European Union.

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Public relations

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Project Manager

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