Clouder’s screen printing workshop invites the public into the animated world of Stitch

Cloud lives in a technicolor world, constantly inspired by the vivid scenes and colors that surround him and driven by the desire to manifest all of this in his creations. Clouder’s streetwear and lifestyle brand, Point, exploded onto TikTok in 2019, creating an army of loyal fans faster than the creative could have ever imagined. His quirky apparel includes outerwear, sweatshirts, graphic tees and more, depicting anime-inspired artwork and prints drawn by Clouder and created in collaboration with other artists.

The designer and visual artist originally intended to become an animator, but now incorporates original artwork into his creations so others can share his vision, reaching a wider audience through the platform of his brand. Even without formal training in fashion design, Clouder continues to freely express herself through her work.

“I plan to do a lot more animation-based visuals for promotion or my personal work,” he says of Stitch’s evolution, “I’m trying to move Stitch from where he is now, in a slightly higher realm of fashion. I would also love to work outside of fashion and be able to design my own furniture and shorts. That would be the dream.

“My graphics often come from a story that I write separately – in many cases these are designs that I did not create specifically for clothing. On the other hand, I also have collaborative graphics with other artists that I love, seek out, and give free rein to draw my characters,” Clouder shares. His willingness to bring his imagination to life and share that passion with other talented artists shows Clouder’s enthusiasm for marrying the worlds of art and street style.

To inspire a brighter future for fashion, even in the realms of hype culture and street style, Clouder will give his London community the chance to upcycle old clothes by bringing them to life with limited edition Stitch screen prints during an exclusive one-day event. This Depop collaborators The pop-up will not only spread a positive message about giving clothes a second life, but also allow Clouder’s many TikTok followers to meet him and walk away with a truly impactful and meaningful keepsake.

In addition to activation, Clouder will also sell limited edition coins in its Depop store. Clouder’s Custom Print Event will be open to the public on Saturday 1 October at Hoxton Arches, Arch 402, Cremer street London E2 8HD, 11am – 5pm. Stay tuned for more from the new creators of Depop’s Collaborators Series and upcoming pop-up installs.