Do a ZINE workshop at La Source, Thurles

A zine-making workshop with artist Aoife Barrett is being held at the Source Arts Center in Thurles this Thursday, April 21.

This workshop takes the idea of ​​a zine, mini-publication, or comic as a space for creative thinking, a platform for conversations, and a way to explore our past, present, and future worlds.

How do we turn our stories, experiences, thoughts and feelings into art? What forms do our stories take and how might we execute them? Comics and zines are great vehicles for self-expression as a combination of language and visuals in an easily accessible booklet. Through comics and zines, we can connect with our audience and share our stories with them.

In this workshop, we’ll look at how we make zines, why we make zines, and how to distribute them. We will collectively explore words, ideas, images and other starting points to create content for your zine. We will also look at different zine and booklet formats to encourage and facilitate creative styles informed by the stories themselves.

This event is part of the Source Arts Centre’s Y-shaped arts program for young people. The “Y” arts program encourages young people aged 12-18 to create new works of art using a task-based and challenge-based approach. The program aims to encourage understanding of contemporary and avant-garde art.

We define the task, you create the work.

Participants should bring: scissors, pens, pencils or other writing materials, a Pritt stick, masking tape, an old newspaper and/or magazine – or anything they think might to help. Please bring lunch too.

For 12-17 year olds. The seats are limited.

10 €