Dreamfield launches “Warpath 850” to boost fan engagement at FSU

The program offers Seminole fans access to events with exclusive players and merchandise.

A new subscription service promises Seminoles fans the chance to meet FSU athletes and purchase exclusive merchandise, with a portion of the proceeds going into players’ pockets.

Launched by Dreamfield, FSU”Warpath 850” gives fans access to youth camps, team updates, online chats, NFTs, stickers and Seminole athlete meet-and-greets. It follows the launch of a similar program at UCF known as “mission control.”

“Warpath is the second iteration of our revolutionary USO concept. Warpath is 100% owned by Dreamfield, a platform experienced in compensating athletes for the use of their name, image and likeness, while being backed by the Seminole fan base,” said the CEO of Dreamfield. Luis Pardillo noted.

“Our proprietary Dreamfield technology and expertise will make Warpath one of the most efficient and compliant USOs in the entire NCAA. We are also proud to partner with FSU alumni-owned Athliance for compliance and reporting.

Like Mission Control, Warpath 850 offers fan access via subscription, with tiers starting at $10 per month. The basic plan gives subscribers general access to events, camps, and clinics as well as behind-the-scenes updates from the team.

The top-tier “Renegade” plan costs $200 per month and offers VIP access to the same events with the promise of “exclusive quarterly events.” Higher levels also provide access to a Discord fan community.

Dreamfield was co-founded by McKenzie Milton, who played quarterback at FSU and UCF. He said Warpath 850 aims to build fan engagement with FSU’s men’s and women’s sports teams.

“Warpath 850 will seek to partner with both male and female athletes. Clearly, the tradition of powerful women’s athletic programs is alive and well in Tallahassee and these athletes, many of whom I came to know well during my time at FSU, should be celebrated. We believe in it so much that our first two Warpath Ambassadors will be a male athlete and a female athlete to help promote the organization,” he said.

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