Dress for Success: local organization seeking donations of work clothes for young people | News

Breaking the Cycle helps youth in the community “dress for success” and prepare for their future career interests.

Breaking the Cycle is a grassroots organization that aims to help young people maintain healthy and prosperous futures and end possible family histories of poverty, violence and mental health stigma.

The organization’s “Dress for Success” campaign solicits community donations of business attire to help young participants gain access to clothing that will help them succeed in the workplace.

Young people involved in the organization will be able to show up at Breaking the Cycle’s annual end-of-semester career party in their new business attire where they will meet different employers and professionals.

Donated clothing will help young people feel confident and make a great first impression while making connections in their area of ​​interest, according to DeMarcus Curry, director of communications.

“We train children on how to succeed in their fields of study and the first thing is to have appropriate attire that gives them a good first impression,” he said.

For many young people involved in Breaking the Cycle, it’s the first time they’ve been introduced to certain career fields or the idea of ​​pursuing higher education, Curry said.

“Most of the kids we have right now come from similar backgrounds of a single-parent household or they have some type of environment in that they’re a minority,” he said.

The party will be a great opportunity for them to get their feet wet and cultivate their interest in the different lines of work they might be working towards.

“We’re trying to teach them to keep going and to prepare so they can get a head start,” he said.

The organization, which serves young people aged 10 to 18, also works with participants on other aspects of career preparation, such as organizing job fairs, teaching them how to write a CV and write cover letters, Curry said.

Breaking the Cycle will be collecting clothing donations every Tuesday in April at the Dugan Best Recreational Center from 5-6 p.m.

Donations of business clothing for men and women will be accepted, sizes XS to 3X, suits, ties, shoes, belts, briefcases and handbags.

Anyone interested is also invited to donate money.