Engagement and learning are essential for our children this summer

The Children’s Trust invests most of its budget in youth development programs that support children with thoughtful and well-researched services outside of school hours. We know that in general, while children are in school, they are engaged, learning and safe, which keeps parents and caregivers in our community working, improving our overall economy. It is essential that children and adolescents have the same opportunities for interaction and engagement that promote their academic, physical, mental and emotional well-being and growth after school hours and during the summer.

In addition to our significant investment in after-school programs, The Children’s Trust funds nearly 300 summer camps each year for children and teens of all ages and abilities, offering everything from STEM to arts, fitness, reading aids and beyond. We also invest in programs that provide summer internships and full-time employment opportunities to help Miami-Dade teens earn money while preparing them for real-world careers.

We’ve always known that summertime learning loss too often prevents our children from achieving all they can when the school year returns. This learning loss has worsened significantly in recent times due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on traditional in-person school operations. While all The Children’s Trust-funded youth development programs include academic support, this summer for a second year, we went a step further and partnered with Miami-Dade County Public Schools for “Summer 305.” . This initiative places M-DCPS-certified teachers who use school-level reading and math support programs in Trust-funded summer camps. Our children need this help, during and outside school hours, and we are proud of this collaboration.

The Children’s Trust is committed to keeping all children and young people safe this summer. To find a program, including a full list of our funded summer camps, visit www.thechildrenstrust.org.

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