Expedition Cruise Workshop – Beyond the Poles

Taking place on September 15, between 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., the interactive workshop is aimed at all ports and destinations that are not in the Arctic or Antarctic and seeks to attract shipping calls .

“This fleet is growing and cruise lines are looking laterally around the world for deployment opportunities,” Gammon said.

“This workshop provides an opportunity for expedition cruise line leaders to share what destinations have to offer ashore to entice them to call; and for destinations that are fully capable of delivering breathtaking, rewarding and unique expedition-style shore experiences, to better understand what expedition cruise lines are looking for from a destination,” the Ambassador added. of the Seatrade Cruise Expedition.

Table d’hôtes at Scenic, Hurtigruten, Silversea, Ponant

Joining Gammon as table hosts to share ideas and guide the discussion: James Griffiths, Vice President of Marine Operations, Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours; Linda-Marie Hogsten, Shore Excursion Manager, Hurtigruten Expeditions; Frédérique Patry, Silversea Cruises Itinerary Planning Manager and Michaela Sauer, Expedition Business Development Manager, Ponant.

“Seatrade Cruise has been tracking the growth of expedition cruises, not only in the Polar Regions, but also in other parts of the globe, for some years now,” commented Seatrade Cruise Group Portfolio Manager Mary Bond.

“In 2021, we launched our first dedicated content to support the development of this sector: Seatrade Cruise Virtual Expediton Cruising, a week-long online event which was extremely popular. This was followed by our first day of expedition at Seatrade Cruise Global in Miami this year. It’s clear that cruise lines in this niche industry want to explore new destinations as the fleet grows, but not all shipping companies are the same, and they don’t all operate the same way, so there is a huge opportunity for learning by all involved, which is why we are introducing this first Expediton workshop to Seatrade Cruise Med,” she added.

The objective of the workshop is to encourage collective creative thinking, stimulate the potential of the port and focus on how to attract the attention of expedition cruise lines.

Sharing discoveries, ideas and solutions

During the last 30 minutes, the groups will share their findings, ideas and solutions with the audience.

How to register

All conference passholders and cruise passengers can attend the interactive workshop. Register for a full conference pass here.

Once registered, delegates will have the opportunity to actively participate in the workshop roundtable, with a limited number of places available. For those who do not wish to actively participate in the roundtable organized by the cruise lines, there will be seats to observe and listen on the sidelines.