Globe Offers Web 3.0 Workshop, Confirms GCash Will Offer Crypto Soon

As Globe, the country’s leading digital solutions platform, ramps up initiatives to extend its leadership to Web 3.0, GCash, the country’s #1 mobile wallet, has confirmed that it will soon allow people to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on the platform.

The company recently held a Web 3.0 educational media workshop with Virtusio International, a communications company offering Web 3.0 services, designed to equip media and content creators with basic knowledge to cover cryptocurrencies, tokens non-fungible (NFT), metaverse and related technologies. , engage their audience and strengthen their business.

Additionally, Globe has confirmed its interest in exploring the metaverse to allow people to connect, interact and even work together virtually, with initiatives led by 917Ventures, its wholly-owned venture capital builder.

Present at the workshop are (from left to right) Bobby Aquino (Director of Industry Relations, Globe Corporate and Legal Services Group), Terry Montaño, Jr. (Regulatory and Licensing Director, Globe Corporate and Legal Services Group), Chris Rodil (Marketing Core Contributor, Bitskwela), Neil Trinidad (VP and Head of New Business, GCash), Emmy Lou Delfin (Director, DICT-IIDB & Supervising Director, Information & Strategic Communications Division), Cristian Munoz (Founder, Draper Startup House Manila ), Jiro Reyes (President and CEO, Bitskwela), Lance Chua (Chief Financial Officer, Bitskwela) and Yoly Crisanto (Director of Sustainability and Corporate Communications, Globe Group).

“The Globe Group of Companies has always been committed to embracing digitalization to improve the lives of Filipinos. While Web 3.0 is still in its infancy, we are already investing in learning how to leverage its technologies to solve problems and serve our customers and society at large,” said Yoly Crisanto, Chief Development Officer Sustainability and Corporate Communications from Globe.

“Despite the current bear market, cryptocurrency interest and adoption in the Philippines remains significantly above the global average, largely due to the popularity of gambling games to win among Filipinos, top gamblers mobiles in the world. There are huge opportunities for market development in NFTs, as Filipinos are among the world’s top owners of NFTs and popular creators and artists who seek out the medium for creative explorations,” said Neil Trinidad, VP President and Head of New Business at GCash.

“As we recognize the rich potential of Web 3.0, we recognize the need to work with technology platforms, government and business to advance education, build trust and foster legitimate communities,” he said. -he adds.

“Building on more than three decades of experience supporting the communication needs of global and local tech leaders, we’ve made our first foray into Web 3.0, focusing on educational initiatives to help Filipinos to understand its various technologies in order to make informed and thoughtful decisions on how to leverage them, not just as consumers, but as active participants, thought leaders and innovators who shape and make space a force for good,” said Lulu Virtusio, President of Virtusio International.

Representatives from the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) also attended the event and shared their ongoing programs related to Web 3.0.

“With initiatives such as SET PH, or Stimulating the Growth of Emerging Technologies, and the Tech Trends online webinar series on emerging technologies, DICT is at the forefront of understanding, leveraging and education of Filipinos on Web 3.0,” Emmy Lou Delfin, Director of the DICT ICT Industry Development Office, said. “Given the dynamic nature of this emerging digital age, we welcome partnerships with stakeholders from different sectors who can help us educate Filipinos on Web 3.0, promote technological talent and develop innovations creating positive changes across the country.”

Globe and Virtusio International enlisted Bitskwela, a startup offering crypto and Web 3.0 education in English, Tagalog, Cebuano and Ilocano, to facilitate the media workshop.