Growth Central Training presents innovative training in mental health, wellness and crisis intervention

Growth Central Training offers training that leads to formal certifications in Anger Management, Crisis Intervention, Parenting and Domestic Violence using cutting edge ideas and the latest research.

Growth Central Training presents a suite of innovative training courses in Anger Management, Domestic Violence, Parenting and Crisis Intervention following the recent launch of its new website, These courses allow a graduate to apply to the National Anger Management Association (NAMA),, to become a certified specialist in the particular discipline pursued. Based on the latest neuroscience and social research, training programs are led by certified professionals with engaging presentation styles.

“Growth Central Training specializes in developing innovative approaches to solve the cultural challenges faced by individuals, human service agencies, businesses, communities and families through trainings that certify graduates through the through the National Anger Management Association, ”says the Growth Central Training team.

Growth Central Training was founded by Laura Beth Moss, distinguished author, speaker and diplomat from NAMA. Her organization educates and helps people navigate complex emotional states in a constructive way. Moss is also Co-Director of Growth Central (the parent brand) led by Dr Richard Pfeiffer. Along with his team of professionals, Moss runs several cutting-edge training programs that offer new approaches and perspectives to age-old challenges in a rapidly changing landscape.

In the upcoming Certified Anger Management Specialist (CAMS) I & II training led by Moss, she shares the latest evidence-based clinical and practice research for serving people and people living with chronic anger-related issues. Through this transformative training, participants adopt body-based principles of de-escalation and wellness as well as mindfulness and integral approaches, ultimately leading to effective anger and aggression management.

The training, conducted virtually, is available for group, class, workshop or individual modalities. It is open to anyone with a background in mental health, domestic violence, law enforcement, counseling, and those who serve people living with chronic anger. CAMS training courses are approved by many state mental health boards and are accepted by courts in the United States and Canada.

Growth Central Training also provides interactive training for staff responsible for responding to behavioral crisis incidents, known as Certified Crisis Intervention Specialist (CCIS) I & II. This program is led by Moss and Andy Prisco, founder of the Psychiatric Emergency Response Team program in the Washington State care and service system.

CCIS training is ideal for those working in the areas of public safety, behavioral health, family and youth service organizations, professional dispatch services, front desk service and those who are frequently faced with a crisis. In this program, Moss and Prisco use academic modules and scenario-based skill exercises to equip participants with de-escalation techniques useful in situations where people exhibit aggressive and violent tendencies.

In addition to its training certifications, Growth Central Training also offers growth and development seminars as well as C-level advice for service organizations.

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