Guiding Lights consultants pass the milestone of one million trainings around the world

Sep 21, 2021 2:02 PM STI

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], Sep 21 (ANI / NewsView): Guiding Lights Consultants, a solid 18-year-old company, today announced that it has reached the millionth milestone in training its clients around the world.
Based in Pune, the company is run by Indu and Mitesh Khatri (IMK) and they have carved out a niche for themselves and are considered pillars in their field.
The company that started with humble beginnings now offers programs in countries such as the United States, Germany, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Oman and Singapore.
Known for his Law of Attraction course across the world, the knowledge that has been disseminated and generated on various platforms through their training is creating ripples in the market. This course works on 4 main areas namely Health, Relationships, Career and Money. It is a unique results-based business model that tremendously helps participants in a holistic way to achieve balanced success.
IMK has also co-authored some successful books such as “Awaken The Leader In You” and “The Law Of Attraction”. These books have touched the lives of many and have also received a testimonial from Marshal Goldsmith. It will be remembered that Mitesh was the first coach to run executives on a real FIRE in a training room referred to in his book Awaken the Leader in You. His book “The Law of Attraction” was a bestseller and due to popular demand the book was also published in Marathi to appeal to different language reading audiences in Maharashtra.

Speaking on the occasion, co-founder of Mitesh Khatri, Guilding Lights Consultants, said, “We are extremely pleased to reach the milestone of building over a million audiences and to complete 18 years in the industry. It has been a good trip for us at Guiding Lights and we are happy to touch lives and make an impact on our small scale. We are also happy to see that we have also reached other countries with our programs and that we are also helping the public internationally. “
Indu Khatri said: “1 million people trained in over 18 years, it’s like we started yesterday, we are extremely happy to have taken this step and look forward to growing with everyone. We have participants from the 14 to 68 age group. years. On this occasion, we are happy to announce a FREE workshop for those who wish to attend and benefit from it. “
Guiding Light Consultants is built on the value of “Client First” and we ensure “Client Delight” for all clients in our various programs.
Mitesh has been running free workshops on his book ‘The Law Of Attraction’ for over 18 years now, this is their way of giving back to society. This free workshop itself was a huge success for its participants. please register via this link
To learn more about their flagship Platinum program, you can attend their free webinar on Platinum.
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