How an organization is helping Ukrainian children find their homes

A representative of This Child Here travels the world to raise awareness of the needs of children in Ukraine.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — People from all over the world are stepping in to help those living in Ukraine.

On Tuesday, a Ukrainian pastor stopped in the center-south to talk about his experience in the war-torn country.

Ukrainian activists are on a mission to help every child in the country who needs to find a functional family and a permanent home.

“A lot of the time that means a child who doesn’t have functioning parents. It could be children on the streets when we started, children in orphanages and sometimes children in single parent families,” Reverend Robert Gamble explained.

He is the executive director of the Ukraine-based non-profit organization This Child Here.

Gamble said the organization also helps children of soldiers deal with the trauma they experience and children fleeing war.

Gamble began his journey with the nonprofit in 2006 when he saw a growing need.

“I was a coast guard officer, then I became a church pastor and now I work with youth and children in Ukraine, so I’ve always, in a sense, been in the survival business,” Gamble said.

Now he travels the world teaching people what they can do to help.

“A lot of times to help these children, we help the family to help these children, but we also help these children with whatever they need. It can be food or clothes, but it could also be our therapy,” Gamble said.

The organization also prepares families in Ukraine who open their homes to welcome children.

“We offer a camp, not only to train parents, but also for child development skills. To provide a life that is not only based on dignity in peace, but we also give them time to enjoy of their life together by the sea,” Gamble said.

He is trying to find 100 churches and people who are willing to donate $25 a month to help children.

Gamble also continues to tour across America. His last stop will be in Maryland on Sunday.