How Larry Baer’s Championship Organization Supports the Community

It’s not all fun and games for the San Francisco Giants. Serving the community is much more sustainable than winning World Series titles every season. CEO and Chairman of Giants larry baer understands how their team should function in the community.

“We can’t promise to be in the World Series every year,” says the CEO of SF Giants“but we can promise to deliver excellence, strive for excellence on and off the pitch, and in service to the community.”

The San Francisco Giants are dedicated to enriching their community through innovation. Their local work results in a variety of unique and progressive programs dedicated to addressing some of the most pressing needs of Northern California children and their families, including health, violence prevention, fitness and youth recreation, education and literacy.

mission rock

The Giants have a long list of initiatives who are close to the heart of the organization. One of the first to bring a bright smile to Baer is Mission Rock, a real estate development currently under construction. When completed, Mission Rock will be a mixed-use waterfront neighborhood overlooking the Giants’ home stadium, Oracle Park. The first phase is expected to open in 2023. It includes two office buildings, two residential buildings and a huge public park. All of this is about 100 yards from the ballpark, with 40% allocated to affordable housing.

“We think it’s going to be fantastic. We are essentially creating a new neighborhood. We think it’s important because we have a ballpark that we’re going to be in hopefully forever,” Baer says. “We are 20 years away from an initial 66-year lease. So we are very invested in San Francisco.

Mission Rock is closest to the ballpark, but also nearby is the University of California San Francisco Medical Center. UCSF Health is a huge resource for the community, one of the best hospitals and research institutes in the world, and ranked No. 1 for neurology and neurosurgery.

Across the hospital is the Chase Center, home to the Golden State Warriors basketball team and hosts concerts and corporate events.

“It’s all good,” says CEO of Giants Larry Baer. “We have tremendous support from the business community. We’re involved, the Giants are involved in a few things that really promote greater San Francisco, greater community, which we think will be important in the long run. Under the leadership of the CEO of the Giants, the organization becomes involved in social issues. Last season, the team created a campaign around opening day addressing a wave of anti-Asian hate and violence incidents with the hashtag #StopAsianHate. The organization has taken a leadership role regarding issues of equity and racism in the community.

Advance San Francisco

The San Francisco Giants are an integral part of Advance San Francisco. Advance SF is about the business community mobilizing around quality of life issues, which have become more troubling during the pandemic. Whether it’s homelessness, crime, affordability or education, businesses are coming together to be part of the solution. Larry Baer is Co-Chair of the organization’s Board of Directors.

Larry Baer says he succeeds because he knows how to put things into perspective. He doesn’t want his front office and baseball operations teams hoisting trophies while throwing the community away. It sees the community as partners in the process.

“I think one of the reasons we’ve been able to be successful is that it’s been our North Star. We don’t just focus on winning on the pitch; we want to win off the pitch,” he said.

Baer and the organization strive to create value in the community that everyone can benefit from – not just San Francisco Giants fans, but all citizens within reach of the organization.

Lead by example

The CEO of SF Giants and the Giants franchise are leading by example – and people are taking notice. It provides a level of excellence and service to the community that is extremely important to the overall success of the organization. The ideal of winning championships is not lost Front office of the San Francisco Giants; they just clearly understand that some things in life are bigger than baseball.