How Viral Fission Used Students to Drive Engagement for Boomer’s Recently Launched Blueberry Variant

Mars Wrigley recently launched its Boomer brand of chewing gum in a new blueberry flavor. He also launched a digital campaign, featuring actor Radhika Madan, to promote the same and target Gen Z on social media.

To further amplify the film, the brand and Mediacom – the agency behind the film – have partnered with the Viral Fission youth platform on Instagram which reaches approximately 2,200 campuses and their students.

Viral Fission amplified the film even further thanks to its own ambassadors. They developed Instagram filters for Boomer flavors and urged their followers to engage with the filters.

For example, one of the challenges asks participants to blow the biggest bubble possible and tag their friends more in the challenge.

Articles about the challenge

Aditya Anand, Chief Revenue Officer of Viral Fission, said, “Boomer is a legacy brand and most millennials grew up eating Boomer. We relate to it on another level. We wanted to recreate the same nostalgia for today’s youth, because there isn’t a single legacy brand in gum.

When asked why they didn’t use influencers like other players, Anand said, “While we love influencers and what they do, we also know that we as individuals, have some power of influence in our own environments/universes. The average college student may not have millions of followers, but they definitely have 15-20 friends they can influence and affect their consumer behavior.

“Our goal at Viral fission has been to empower students to unlock their true potential and become nano-influencers to them and their circles,” he added.

So far, the campaign has garnered over 200,000 impressions and over 1,000 Youth Ambassadors have participated in challenges.

Varun Kandhari, Marketing Director, Mars Wrigley, India, said, “Boomer is a legacy brand from Mars Wrigley that over the years has become a favorite with our consumers in India. Building on the strong sense of nostalgia attached to Boomer, we’ve introduced a new flavor that’s fruity, quirky and tastes like childhood. With the launch of Blueberry flavored Boomer, we aim to bring more innovation to the gummies category with a unique twist on a brand that consumers have always loved. Mars Wrigley enjoys a loyal fanbase and with this vibrant film, we hope to celebrate the fruitiness and joy associated with it.