Improve your extracurricular engagement

1. Join associations, clubs and societies

These include student government associations, academic associations, and student media and publication organizations. These organizations will give you a way to develop your leadership skills and expand your network.

There is also a club for anything and everything. Join those who are directly related to your interests and you will soon make new friends who share the same interests while doing the things you love.

You can even go further by joining organizations outside your educational institution. These organizations will allow you to participate in civic initiatives, environmental actions and all kinds of conferences, in addition to offering opportunities for collaboration with industry leaders.

2. Look for the opportunityunits

As the world goes digital, it is now more crucial than ever to make full use of online platforms to seek out opportunities.

Search social media sites for clubs, companies or organizations that interest you and find out more about them and their initiatives.

Most of these organizations would be active on their social media pages, so you can easily stay on top of their latest activities. Reach them. Use your research skills online and keep finding out!

3. Get outside

The most important step in getting involved in extracurricular activities is to step outside of yourself. You won’t get anywhere without taking the first step. It can be intimidating to dip your toe in the water, but take it easy and go at a pace you’re comfortable with.

Be confident and don’t be afraid to approach new people. Every person you meet and every experience you come across is a potential lesson to be learned. – By JYNN KOK E-LYNN

20-year-old Jynn participates the BRAT program for young journalists managed by the Star’s Newspaper-in-Education (Star-NiE) team. Throughout the year-long program, participants aged 14-22 from across the country experience the lives of journalists, contributing ideas, conducting interviews and doing editorial work. They earn signatures, attend workshops and expand their social networks. To join the Star-NiE online youth community, visit