Indigenous community organization gets $1.8M for new center in downtown Winnipeg

An Indigenous community organization in downtown Winnipeg is getting $1.8M in federal funding for a new cultural and wellness centre.

Ka Ni Kanichihk Inc. provides programs and services to Aboriginal people in central Winnipeg, including daycare, leadership development activities for Aboriginal girls and two-spirit youth, mentoring for young boys, and a healing program for young people. indigenous women.

The federal government has said demand for these services has exceeded capacity and is investing $1.8 million in the construction of the new Ka Ni Kanichihk Culture and Welfare Center.

“Indigenous-led solutions are of the utmost importance in Canada; Indigenous peoples know what we need to do to heal and we know how to do it,” said Yvonne Jordaan, director of Ka Ni Kanichihk, in a press release.

“This will be Winnipeg’s home for reconciliation, where we can all come together to support Indigenous peoples and build a stronger community together. It also creates space for new programs tailored to meet the changing needs of the community.

The money is for Ka Ni Kanichihk’s $8 million expansion project for the new 22,000 square foot facility, which will more than double the program’s capacity at the center.

Construction of the project is expected to be completed by June 2023.