Innovation Cafe hosts a workshop on “Behind the Scenes of Developers and Visionaries”

* Initiative sponsored by Microsoft Qatar

Innovation Cafe recently hosted a series of workshops with the help of sponsors, and one of the most recent was held under the title “Behind the Scenes from Developers and Visionaries.” The online workshop was again sponsored by Microsoft Qatar and took place at the Innovation Cafe on the evening of January 25.
“When it comes to business and the market, it is crucial to establish and develop your professional brand using different strategies and campaigns to create a thriving and lasting image. Of course, this can only be achieved by with the right knowledge of technology.Technology is essential for businesses as it not only helps in reducing costs to enable your business to grow, but it is also efficient for the process of maintaining company data and records of employees, as well as to help systems, services and products achieve a higher level of progress,” a press release noted.
Jamal Bdeir, Head of Small and Medium Enterprises – Middle East Cluster, spoke about Microsoft Qatar’s mission to empower people and organizations, and its partnership with Innovation Cafe, saying, “Our investment in the ecosystem of startups from Qatar is in line with our global mission to empower Through initiatives such as Microsoft Founders Hub and strategic partnerships such as the one with Innovation Cafe, we are committed to providing local entrepreneurs with access to technology, funding and to our unrivaled global network of partners and customers, to enable them to innovate, get to market quickly and scale at scale.”
The workshop introduced four main topics after a 15-minute introduction by Ramzan al-Nuaimi, founder of Innovation Cafe.
The first topic was on “Creating a professional brand for SMEs online” and was presented by Nagham el Hasbany, Managing Director of Be Creative Agency. Hasbany says “how people perceive your brand impacts the value of your business,” which explains how to create an appropriate and professional online brand for small and medium-sized businesses.
The second topic, “Securing data against internal/external threats”, was introduced by Amr El Saher, Microsoft technical solutions professional, who showed the participants how to protect their company against cyber attacks and protect their data against any type of attack. of threat, whether it was internal or external.
The third topic introduced “Create a digital sales channel in minutes” and was introduced by Humza Abed Khan, Chief Growth Officer at Snoonu app, who also had some tips to share with attendees. “Three top tips for early-career entrepreneurs: try to solve a problem you’re deeply passionate about, build the right team from day one, and as leaders/founders, establish the right culture,” Khan said. “If you manage to do all of this successfully, you will definitely succeed.”
With his inspirational words, he helped attendees learn about e-commerce and create a digital sales channel in simple and clear steps.
The fourth and final topic was on “Making Cost Savings Through Cloud Computing”, and was also presented by El Saher, who helped participants understand how to reduce costs and expenses through cloud computing, which is the provision of computing services such as servers, storage, databases, networking, software, etc., on the cloud, in order to achieve faster innovation, flexible resources and economies of scale.
Each of the speakers presented their topic for 30 minutes. Many people were invited to attend the workshop for free, such as small and medium-sized enterprises, enterprises, retailers, hospitality staff and merchants, and it was broadcast live on social media.