JAG Productions selected as company in residence at the New York Theater Workshop

JAG Productions will join New York Theater Workshop’s (NYTW) Companies-in-Residence program for the 2022-23 and 2023-24 seasons as the first non-New York-based company. As part of the residency, NYTW will provide artistic and institutional support and act as a second home for JAG in the city, as JAG seeks to amplify its reach and presence in the theater world.

“I’ve dreamed of expanding JAG’s work and establishing a foothold in New York since I started the company,” said Jarvis Green, JAG’s production art director. “Finally, after five years of rise and fall, the time has come. Finally. Last year, the board and staff made a commitment to expand our artistic development and presence in New York as part of of our strategic vision to build stronger ties with New York-based theaters and the artist community, so I am beyond excited to begin this process with the support, wisdom and guidance of the infinitely brilliant folks at New York Theater Workshop. The timing of this opportunity is divine and an exciting time for all of us at JAG!”

JAG Productions will have access to a greater pool of talent, facilities and audiences, while NYTW will continue to promote and learn how theater can “deepen empathy and spark wonder.” The hope for both organizations is to establish a pipeline between the worlds – the rejuvenating and quiet creative spaces of rural New England and the opportunities and stages of New York – that combine to care for the artist while throughout the process of theatrical creation.

De la relation, director of project development, workshops and residencies Rachel Silverman said, “In creating this connection, how can we also introduce our community – our audience community, our artistic community – to JAG as a company and as artists, and vice versa… At NYTW, we are both a theater and a workshop, fully in our identity. We produce plays, but we are also a development house for artists and projects. In all our programming – certainly in the workshop – there there is a real search for what supporting artists means and looks like Outside of productions? What does supporting a business look like? The business-in-residence initiative, holistically, is also a way of saying that we want to support not only projects, but also companies that are committed to their own communities and their own There is an absolutely symbiotic relationship. It is by no means a one-way relationship. We s we both enrich.

NYTW has its roots in the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire, having completed a summer residency at Dartmouth College for the past 30 years. Along with this connection, JAG was selected as Company-in-Residence because of how JAG’s mission, past work and future ambitions align with NYTW’s belief “in the transformative power of theatre”, its mission to “cultivate a space where our community of humanity is affirmed – where audiences are both challenged and thrilled by the bold vision of our artists,” and its commitment to “understand what it means to be alive today; we are committed to exploring new ideas, seeing new perspectives and hearing new voices.”

“I hope we can help Jarvis come to terms with the choice of things as they evolve, and for him to trust and have faith in his own impulses,” the NYTW art director said. James C. Nicola noted. “After 30 years of residing in the Upper Valley in Dartmouth, I feel a part of this community, and I hope to see JAG and Jarvis be extremely beneficial to the life of the community, to the growth of the community, for the culture of community, for the sense of community. For me, it’s to help enrich the community that I love.