Jewelry designer Sharon Gould’s studio in Elsenham WI

15:57 June 2022

The jewelry designer Sharon Gould pointed out how you can use creative and economical means to create your own necklaces.

At Elsenham WI, members learned how Sharon was initially a stay-at-home mom with a child with Down Syndrome and began working with children with special needs.

As her children became adults, she recycled as a college teacher in the field of special needs.

She introduced craft classes for children, including jewelry making. The budget available for supplies was very limited, so it began to look for ways to find cheaper tools and components.

Sharon buys a lot of the pearls she uses at garage sales and charity shops.

She said broken necklaces are good to take apart and reuse, and through the workshop she shared the essential “tool kit” needed to make necklaces, bracelets and earrings, and how make a necklace strung with ribbon.

The meeting also had a contest for the best special jewelry item, a raffle and refreshments.

Moyra Jackson, President of Elsenham WI, said, “Sharon’s workshop was the perfect way to encourage all of us to repurpose old and pre-loved jewelry in different and creative ways.”

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