Laurel County Organization Delivers Supply Trucks to Bowling Green

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) – After devastating tornadoes hit the western Kentucky region on Saturday, several Commonwealth organizations are joining together to help.

One of them was members of the Laurel County Restoration Departments, who witnessed a community in desperate need of help.

“We were seeing the video footage like everyone else,” said Youth Pastor Auston Brown. “It was devastating and I called our pastor and we started talking not about whether we were going to do something, but about what we were going to do.”

Brown said he saw the community come together at all times.

A variety of supplies were donated to the organization yesterday for the cause.

“I don’t care about someone’s color, where they’re from or what’s going on, just trying to find a way for them to help,” Brown said. “So many people from across Laurel County and Whitley County have reached out.”

Restoration Ministries personally delivered the supplies to CenterPoint Church in Bowling Green.

“We are a united nation and I think it is very important that citizens do all they can,” said volunteer Andrew Fuson. “Whether it’s to donate or do what we’re doing today, which is bringing supplies there. “

The volunteers said they were worried about the destruction left behind.

“I just hope people over there can use what we bring,” Fuson said. “That the things we bring out there are what they need and what they can use to help them get through this time.”

Brown said they still accept donations from the community.

“Right now it’s toilet paper, toothpaste, towels, whatever we need, we’ll continue to release updates to the community,” he said. “We’re just going to do whatever we can to do our part to help.”

Brown says they plan to deliver another truck of supplies to Bowling Green in the next few days.

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