Local youth-serving organization moves to better location to serve Windsor-Essex

Youth Diversion is on the move starting in April to better serve troubled children and youth in the Windsor-Essex community.

The organization helps young people face and manage life’s challenges – and they will share space in the same building as New Beginnings, another youth-focused resource agency.

The new location (1014 Highland Street, Windsor, ON) will facilitate travel in terms of accessibility and logistics with local public and private sector partners.

Youth Diversion clients are ages 6-18. Working with parents or guardians, the organization offers professional advice and resources to enable troubled youth to return to healthy living in all areas of their lives.

For Executive Director Joanna Conrad, the new location makes sense for everyone involved.

“We’re basically looking to support each other as well when it comes to both organizations – so we’re going to be better able to serve New Beginnings customers and the same,” Conrad said. “We really hope that we can collaborate and build on the relationship we currently have to truly provide the most exceptional service to the children in our community.”

The challenges faced by Youth Diversion clients are sometimes severe, but Conrad and his team are dedicated to cultivating positive outcomes for all. Help is available – the choice is up to the customer.

“Youth Diversion provides young people with tools to make better choices when faced with difficult circumstances. We really want to empower children to become resilient citizens,” Conrad said.

For more information on youth diversion and new beginnings, see the website.