New Document Shows Organization and Guidance Department’s Involvement in Youth Propaganda Activities

Screenshot of the document’s title page, obtained from a Daily NK source inside the country.

The NK daily recently obtained a copy of an order distributed by North Korea’s Organization and Guidance Department (OGD) regarding propaganda efforts. The Central Committee’s Propaganda and Agitation Department is supposed to handle propaganda activities, but the OGD is apparently also deeply involved.

In documents obtained by a Daily NK source in North Korea, the OGD issued several guidelines regarding propaganda activities to “all committees of the Socialist Patriotic Youth League” to crush “non-socialist phenomena emerging among the youth “.

In this, we can verify that the OGD, a key department in the country with the power to appoint and investigate party personnel, carries out organized propaganda activities, under the purview of the Propaganda Department and the hustle. In particular, the OGD’s involvement in propaganda activities aimed at young people demonstrates North Korea’s emphasis on maintaining ideological control over young people.

The OGD ordered committees of the Socialist Patriotic Youth League to distribute the order to lower league organizations within 15 days of its dispatch, and designated “all young workers” as the intended target of propaganda activities. . This means that virtually all young people with citizenship are the targets of the effort, which clearly shows that young people are subject to the ideological education of the party.

Screenshot of a page from the document, obtained from a Daily NK source inside the country.

The OGD included concrete instructions regarding ideological education activities, directing the committees of the Socialist Patriotic Youth League at the provincial, municipal and county levels to fully understand the importance of these propaganda efforts and to “plan and carry out organized orientation activities”, as well as for the socialist patriotic youth. organizations at all levels to engage all members in propaganda activities, and promptly carry out “reorganization activities” against those who skip ideological education programs.

The OGD also ordered that the committees file status reports on the propaganda effort with the Department of Propaganda and Agitation by a specified date. That is to say, while the OGD takes care of the organizational aspect of the propaganda campaign, it reports to the commissions in the Department of Propaganda and Agitation on the actual execution of the campaign.

This confirms again that the OGD partly assumes the role of the Department of Propaganda and Agitation, which exercises general supervision over the ideological education of the public.

In this regard, the source said that since the party considers the ideological education of the youth as a major program to determine the fate of the nation, it has apparently instructed the OGD to exert its global influence to make advance educational efforts.

The source added that since the second half of last year, the OGD has regularly sent monthly explanatory materials and lectures to the organizations of the party and the Socialist Youth League nationwide regarding the strengthening of the league and ideological education activities for young people.

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