Nizam-ud-Din Bhat urges UT Government to streamline hiring of seasonal workers in Beacon, NHPC and HC

_He alleges that PRI members are ignored when making decisions of public interest; Ask the Lieutenant-Governor to intervene_

Bandipora, March 05: Former Bandipora lawmaker and senior politician Nizam-ud-din Bhat on Saturday urged the UT administration to streamline the engagement of seasonal workers and other workers in the BEACON project, NHPC and HCC dealing with Kishen-Ganga Hydro Electric Power Project (KHEP).

In a statement published here on Saturday, Bhat said there were complaints of a serious nature, including patronage and other political influences in these projects which send the wrong message among the region’s unemployed young people whose bread and butter depend on these projects. He said the young people who gave their best to these companies in difficult times are now ignored because of political influences, snatching the livelihood of many.

Bhat made these remarks during a long tour of Mantrigam and nearby villages. He was accompanied by the Deputy Chairman of the District Development Council, Kounser Shafeeq, and the Chairman of BDC, Bashir Ahmad.

Sarpanchs Mushtaq Ahmad, Bagh Hussain, Mohd Hussain and several Panchs also accompanied Bhat during the tour. Residents en route interacted with the former legislator and informed him of the various issues they faced in daily life and requested his intervention to seek redress for grievances. They reported several matters of public interest, in particular the issue of employment at KHEP and Beacon.

Bhat, while interacting with the people of Mantrigam village, expressed deep anguish over disregarding the determined criteria of experience and skill of the local people while providing employment to Beacon, NHPC and HCC, thereby isolating the young people of the region who are now living in distress. .

While highlighting the issue, Bhat alleged that local administration and members of Panchayat Raj institutions were also deliberately ignored there by eroding the sanctity of these institutions despite the government claiming to have empowered these institutions for local governance. .

Bhat appealed to the Lieutenant Governor to direct relevant officers to consult with local administration, including the DDC and BDC chairpersons, before making a decision so that confidence in democratic institutions is restored and that people are involved in the decision-making process.