Northwich set to host first-ever ‘high-tech’ community workshop

Northwich is about to host its first-ever high-tech community workshop.

Also known as the “makerspace”, it is for people who are interested in making, inventing, arts, crafts or getting creative with technology.

The project is managed by Jonathan Shone, a Northwich-born businessman and owner of Shadow Foam Ltd in Anderton.

Although the premises of Cosgrove Business Park have already been secured, Jonathan launches a crowdfunding page to launch the project.

Jonathan said: “You can either go there to work alone in a safe and supportive space or to find a community that likes the same things you do.

“He will have all the tools, equipment and resources at his fingertips, so it’s a level playing field for everyone, even if they don’t currently have access to the tools themselves.”

The Northwich makerspace aims to provide a technical area, or “FabLab”, with professional 3D printers and a laser capable of cutting MDF, acrylic, vinyl and leather up to 1.2m.

There will be a woodworking area with a table saw, band saws, planers, wood lathe, router table, drill press and bench sanders, as well as power tools portable.

There is also a plan for a crafting area and a multipurpose studio that can be used for tabletop crafting and hobbies.

The project aims to provide free super-fast Wi-Fi to all members, and there will be a fully equipped kitchen with hot and cold drinks and snacks.

Renovation work on the premises has already started and Jonathan intends to fully open the makerspace by December.

He said, “We want to open up the space with a healthy number of founding members, making sure we have a strong community from the start.

“We can’t do this without the townspeople! If you would like to be part of the Northwich Makerspace become a reality, or know someone who this would be perfect for, please let them know and visit us on our crowdfunding page to register your interest.