Police officers use technology and community engagement to fight crime in St Catherine North | News

St Catherine North Police Chief Superintendent Howard Chambers said building trust between citizens and police has been vital in reducing the incidence of violent crime in the division.

Since January, the region has recorded 95 murders, down 22% from the corresponding period last year. Filming was reduced by 33.6% compared to last year’s figures. Chambers said the use of technology and building a better relationship with citizens helped drive the numbers down.

“Our community involvement has been the main driver of our success. We set out to build trust and confidence. As we speak, I’m taking a tour of the Ewarton area to find out what their main issues are. We have also activated youth clubs and each police station has been tasked with activating a youth club. We have held a family empowerment session every two weeks, although virtual it crosses the divide and we discuss all relevant family issues and from there we get experts in the different areas of concern. to provide advice if needed, ”the senior policeman said.

The veteran crime fighter said that despite the positive numbers, gang conflicts between a series of other criminal activities continue to be matters of concern to his men who he says will step up their efforts for the rest of the world. year and until 2022.

“The main driver of criminal activity is gang conflict, competition for territory, extortion and racketeering. It would be remiss of me, as the commander, not to pay attention to any type of gang situation in the country. within the division. But we’ve been pretty much leveraging and pushing back those activities through the use of technology and the rapid response team that we have in spaces, ”he said.

Of the island’s 19 police divisions, St Catherine North, which is normally a hotbed of criminal activity, is one of the eight police divisions that has seen the fewest killings. The others are Sainte-Élisabeth (22%); Manchester (six percent); Sainte-Anne (21%); St Mary (13%), Trelawny (30%), St. Andrew North (13%) and St Andrew Central (13%).

As of December 11, Jamaica is experiencing a 10% increase in killings compared to the corresponding period last year.