Radical Islamic organization PFI hatched plot to kill 100 people, ‘hit list’ revealed after first killing

New Delhi: Members of the Islamic fundamentalist organization People’s Front of India (PFI) had blacklisted for killing nearly 100 people from a BJP and RSS. According to the media, this revelation came during the investigation into the murder of RSS activist SK Srinivasan. According to media reports, the list was received from the cell phone of the accused arrested in the Srinivasan murder case. Srinivasan’s name was also included in this list of fundamentalists.

The name of BJP Kerala State General Secretary C Krishnakumar is said to be included in the list as well. The name of BJP youth leader Prashant Sivan was also found in the list. According to the report, the defendants stated during their interrogation that their motive behind the killing of the BJP and RSS leaders was to avenge the killing of PFI member Zuber. It is also claimed that senior PFI officials are aware of the attacks on BJP leaders. The main defendants arrested in the Srinivasan murder case, Mohammed Bilal, Mohammad Rizwan, Riyasuddin and Sahad, have also been confessed to by the police.

The defendants admitted that they had come to Palakkad to kill the leader of the RSS. The PFI leaders are said to have ordered the accused to kill the RSS and BJP leaders within 24 hours. Srinivasan, who was on this list, became the first victim. The Kerala Police took the list of PFIs very seriously.

Murder of Srinivasan :-

On April 16, 2022, PFI operatives killed RSS activist Srinivasan in Palakkad, Kerala. The number of attackers would be between 5 and 6, who came on 3 bicycles. All of them broke into Srinivasan’s shop in Melmuri area and attacked him with sharp weapons. Srinivasan succumbed to his injuries while being taken to hospital. Police later arrested Bilal, Rizwan, Riyasuddin and Sahad of the SDPI, the political wing of the PFI, who were allegedly involved in the incident.

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