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Are you the type of person who would sit on a team and wait for others to do all the work when working on a given task? Well, according to experts, this is not advised as everyone should be an active participant regardless of what position you hold in that particular team.

Francis Mwangi, an educator and human resources staff, believes that without team participation, the whole theory behind the placement of teams within an organization is meaningless.

This is the reason why different organizations offer group teams because it is important for the organization when it comes to improving its productivity.

“Being part of any team, you have to know that you’re sharing your ideas and knowledge and getting feedback, no matter what position you’re in,” he says.

According to him, it also helps the team move forward to achieve their goals.

Peter Minani, a mentor for young people in Kigali, says that being active in a given team helps to generate a circle of acquaintances and allows each member of the team to understand their role.

He notes that when working in a group, it means that you will always have the opportunity to learn from the successes and failures of others. According to him, it works best if every member is active.

How to get engaged

Othaniel Nimbabazi, a young leader and human-centered designer, says that to be able to participate and contribute to the group, everyone must be prepared.

For example, he says it’s as simple as letting your team members know when and where the meeting is and what it’s about, i.e. whether you’re part of the leaders or organizers.

According to him, it can help everyone to prepare and prepare all relevant documents.

“It also helps to avoid wasting valuable time when as a team you have to catch up with other team members,” he says.

Another way to engage and be active as a member of a team, Minani says, is to try to be helpful where you can.

He says it’s essential to keep in mind that when working as a team, everyone is working towards the same goal, no matter what mission or job you have at hand.

“For this reason, it is simply important that teammates always help each other. If someone is having trouble solving a problem, it is beneficial for the team to help them,” he says.

Mwangi, on the other hand, points out that open sharing is also important when it comes to involvement in a group.

He explains that when team members share their knowledge and experience with the group, everyone benefits, noting that team members should speak up in meetings and participate in discussions as much as possible.

“Individuals shouldn’t have to worry about their ideas, in fact all ideas should be shared with the group and this ultimately ensures effective communication,” he says.

Plus, he adds that keeping everyone informed helps keep people on track and prevents unpleasant surprises later. Open discussion should be encouraged as it is a characteristic of productive teamwork.

Another way, according to Minani, is to take the opportunity to volunteer. He explains that it’s ideal for team members to not only wait for a task or project to be assigned to them, but also to step up and volunteer. It shows that you are ready to work and set a good example for others.

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