Religious organization seeking a home for Elliot Lake Church

A special meeting of Elliot Lake City Council called for 6:30 p.m. Monday night (tonight) will be held to consider a zoning change for the former Creative Glass building on Ontario Avenue.

The agenda posted online last week on the City of Elliot Lake’s website includes a request for an Ontario numbered corporation in the custody of Elliot Lake resident Amin Bashir.

He is asking for an exception to the zoning of a two-story building at 26 Ontario Avenue to allow a faith group to take over the former Creative Glass building for use as a worship center. Bashir said the plan is for the church group to take a lease on the building once zoning is approved.

In her presentation to the Elliot Lake Bylaws and Planning Committee on the subject on June 5, 2022, City Clerk Natalie Bray said the group was made up of about 50 worshippers.

She said that in addition to religious services, the faith group also plans to hold youth meetings in the building, twice a week.

The public meeting to receive feedback from anyone wishing to comment on the building rental plans or ask questions is tonight.

On the City Hall website, it is simply a special council meeting. But the clerk identified the meeting as a public meeting to review zoning, at the June committee meeting.

One important piece of information missing from the agenda materials that were provided is the name of the faith group.

Bashir promised to provide this information to ElliotLakeToday late Monday morning, but nothing has been provided as of this story’s publication.

He told ElliotLakeToday that the group is based in the United States, in the state of Utah, and has a sub-office in the province of Alberta.

Also requested information about the proposed tenant, Mayor Dan Marchisella wrote: “I also do not have those details at this time. We need to review the naming impartially.”

A zoning change proposal is first presented and reviewed by the By-Laws and Urban Planning Committee. This was done at a committee meeting chaired by the advisor. Ed Pearce on Monday, June 6, 2022.

Once this hurdle is cleared, a public hearing is organized, announced and held to gather community feedback. This is all happening before the rezoning plan comes to council.

Issues such as compatibility with existing neighborhood uses, building structure and amenities, parking availability, traffic flow, health, safety and security issues, implications of tax changes and other factors are normally taken into account.

On the agenda for the special meeting is a report from Elliot Lake planning consultant JL Richards & Associates of Sudbury recommending approval of the zoning change.

It is signed by Richard’s planner, Gursiman Saini, who wrote the following about the availability of parking for the new worship center: “Section 6 of the Zoning By-law contains parking requirements and states that space for five seats is required for churches and churches. halls. In addition, section 6.2 specifies that it is not necessary to provide off-street parking for lands in zone C1 when these lands are located within 100 m of a municipal parking station.

“There are two municipal car parks which are located approximately 100 meters to the north and northwest of the subject property. As such, off-street parking is not required to enable a place of worship on the property in question,” she continued.

“There is also street parking close to the property in question. Based on a review of relevant policies, the proposed amendment is reasonable and generally maintains the intent of the zoning bylaw and can be recommended for approval,” she concluded.

The hybrid public meeting is scheduled to be streamed live on City Hall’s website at 6:30 p.m.

It will take place immediately before the regular council meeting at 7:00 p.m.