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Compost Coffs Coast.

The Scraps to Soil Composting workshop is a free, informative session to be held at the Nambucca Heads Growing Together Community Garden, run by the Nambucca Valley Council, MidWaste and the Let’s Get Composting team.

“Come to this free workshop to learn how to start composting and worm farming at home to create rich compost to grow your garden,” said Ali Bigg, MidWaste coordinator.

“You’ll learn the value of composting and how it works, setting up your system, managing and maintaining your new compost bin or worm farm, using compost products, troubleshooting and more.

This program is part of the Let’s Get Composting Coffs Coast initiative, which is designed to help the communities of Nambucca, Bellingen and Coffs get the most out of their curbside bins and save money in the process.

“We focus on avoiding food waste, putting food scraps in the green bin and, for the live beans, how to get creative with composting,” Ali told News Of The Area.

“We want all food scraps to go in the Council’s green bin (or be composted at home).

“A lot of people don’t realize the range of items that can go in their green bin – basically if you make a meal out of it, the leftovers can go in the green bin.

“If organic material ends up in a landfill, the compaction process, which is a daily requirement, creates an airless environment, which means it produces methane gas – the worst thing you can do with your organic waste.

“Each household can help prevent around 100kg of food waste from entering our waste stream each year, and instead it can easily be turned into valuable fertile soil or nutrient-rich liquid fertilizer – either for the community if you use your green bin, or for yourself if you compost at home.

“We’ve partnered with Compost Revolution to provide heavily subsidized equipment to the community to enable them to turn their food and garden scraps into a valuable resource.”

The Compost Revolution is a social enterprise that partners with councils to make it easier for residents to access home composting.

“Whether you’re a seasoned composter or just starting out, Compost Revolution gives you the skills and support you need to eliminate food waste and improve your garden.

“There is plenty of practical advice and information on the program website, including where to pick up your free Kitchen Caddy, the range of items that can go in the green bin and details providing affordable compost bins and worm farms for residents who want to reap the rewards of home composting, who are avid gardeners, or for those without curbside green bin service, and families who want to teach their children about composting,” Ali said.

The Let’s Get Composting Coffs Coast scheme is a waste tax funded initiative of the NSW Environment Protection Authority.

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