SME Sales Summit to Offer Virtual Trainings to Promote Business Growth – News is My Business

The SME Sales Summit is the key event in the Professional Group’s week-long program of activities focused on the island’s professional sales force.

The SME Sales Summit, a virtual event organized by the Association of Sales and Marketing Executives of Puerto Rico (SME, in Spanish) to mark Sales Professionals Week, will seek to promote business growth through training, organizers said.

This sales summit will take place on February 17, partnering with FORMA-LATAM Sales School and local resources to present an interactive training alternative for salespeople, entrepreneurs and business owners across the island.

Moreover, the virtual platform that will be used during the event will allow participants to expand their business network by creating their profile and exchanging contacts, the professional group said.

The educational track of the morning session will take place in the form of a workshop and is divided into a conference with Gerardo Mendoza-Peña, CEO of FORMA-LATAM Sales School, focusing on “How to discover, retain and empower the customer to generate more ‘business’, followed by the opportunity to participate in two of five concurrent interactive sessions with FORMA teachers on how to:

  1. Calibrate the customer or prospect card, by Fernando Guzmán;
  2. Carry out integration prospecting by considering the six circles of sales, by Fernanda Barbosa;
  3. Selling advantages, benefits, differentiators and added values, by Christopher Gil;
  4. Dealing with objections by crafting strong sales pitches, by Verónica Casillas; and,
  5. Negotiating Effectively and Closing the Sale, by Jesús Guerrero.

Concurrent session groups will be small, with the camera on so they can interact with teachers during hands-on exercises. As an added value, workshop participants will receive a continuing education certificate from FORMA and SME.

The afternoon program begins with the success story of Tania Ramírez-Matos, Vice President of Sales at Axis Group, who will talk about the pillars that have made the difference in her career, which anyone can apply to grow professionally in sales. This is followed by a talk titled “Technological tools to improve sales management”, by Juan Carlos Pedreira, Digital+ Technology Strategist, Social Business Hub Digital, focused on technology that ranges from applications to online services that help people in their daily tasks. .

The educational program ends with the conference entitled “The customer experience as a pillar of your sale” by Idia M. Martínez, president of Upfront Communication.

“Today’s customers are looking for a satisfying experience and this conference will cover: the role of the salesperson in the customer experience, effective CX practices during the sales process, how to learn how to create and analyze your customer journey map in order to that it translates into sales,” said the SME to describe the subject of its presentation.

The event also offers companies the opportunity to recognize, together with the SME, the professionals who have achieved their sales objectives. Sales Distinguished Salesperson registration includes a plaque, their photo in the Association’s Sales Professionals Week supplement and registration to attend the Small Business Sales Summit. The deadline to nominate Distinguished Salesperson Candidates is today.

This story was written by our staff based on a press release.