Spotlight on School Nurses and Staff Trainings in Oregon

This month, we shine the spotlight on the Epilepsy Foundation Oregon (EFOR), a grassroots epilepsy foundation that serves more than 43,000 Oregonians living with epilepsy and their families. In 2019, EFOR worked hard to train nurses and school staff across the state in crisis recognition and first aid.

Oregon Statewide Training

From June to November 2019, EFOR program manager Rae Stewart conducted 13 trainings and trained 46 school nurses and 169 school staff and local organization staff. EFOR won’t be stopping anytime soon, with another training scheduled for November.

Learn about the Epilepsy Foundation’s flagship training programs that are supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Participant quotes

Rae and EFOR have received positive feedback from the participants they train:

  • “Not only is Rae a wealth of information and support for staff and students, but also for families. She offers a personal connection by sharing her story. Education is the key to not letting something like epilepsy get in the way of achieving our students’ dreams. The more educated and informed we are, the better we can teach and help educate those around us,” Christa

We appreciate and are grateful that Rae and Epilepsy Foundation Oregon are always so willing to collaborate — Tracy

  • “Rae has always been willing each school year to provide training for our bridging program which works with 18-21 year old students with developmental disabilities. She worked with our school’s registered nurse, got our feedback on what we want to target for the continuing education workshop, and was extremely beneficial and impactful to the program. She has not only helped the students and parents, but also the staff supporting our students in a community program. She provided specific training targeted at individual students and their needs, in collaboration with parents. Staff learned to recognize the signs and symptoms of a seizure disorder, administer appropriate first aid, provide emotional support that may be needed for a student with epilepsy, and received tools on how to s ‘educate to create a favorable social climate for our epileptic students’, Christa
  • “Each year we work with many children who have different types of seizures. We have crisis protocols for all of our children and adults who need them. But I was also looking for an overview of the different types of seizures, how they can manifest, what staff should do if they witness a seizure, different types of medications used for seizures, etc. The Epilepsy Foundation Oregon was able to provide us with timely information to help our staff feel more comfortable responding to and working with our children and adults with epilepsy,” Chery
  • “Rae Stewart has been an excellent resource and speaker on epilepsy. She has given epilepsy trainings in schools for teachers and staff which has helped staff to feel much more prepared and informed if someone is having a seizure,” Agnes

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Thanks to Epilepsy Foundation Oregon for providing training to Oregon State schools and staff!