Sylvan Lake organization helps youth in central Alberta – Red Deer Advocate

Young people in central Alberta will have another helping hand in their communities.

Dakin Chase became Sylvan Lake’s newest nonprofit. The foundation became an official non-profit organization on December 1 and has already implemented its initiatives in central Alberta.

“The Dakin Chase Foundation is committed to helping young people find a place to go if they do not feel safe in all communities,” said Kjeryn Dakin, co-founder of the foundation.

Dakin was at a meeting earlier this year and listened to the struggles the community was facing in terms of youth and how to help them and keep them safe.

“I knew there was a problem, especially with the trauma of what everyone else was going through with COVID-19. It grew and we wanted to bring a voice to the pain of our youth. We had to do something by creating safe spaces, ”Dakin said. “I did an article that went viral, offering any kid who needs a place to go to come to Bukz for a meal, free wifi and even odd jobs if they needed a little money to get by, ”she added.

The Yellow Butterfly initiative is one of three initiatives currently underway.

“I would characterize this as our first of three initiatives at Dakin Chase which we call the Yellow Butterfly Initiative.

“Our symbol is a yellow butterfly. When you see our yellow butterfly in a store window, know that he took the time to educate himself about resources to help young people and has promised to be a safe space.

This program is intended for restaurants and others. We’re open long hours, we have food ready to go if needed, we have wifi, and we have lots of staff ready to help, ”Dakin said.

Dakin owns the Bukz, Bukwildz and Doe (s) restaurants on Lakeshore Dr. and offers the Yellow Butterfly restaurant program at all three companies. She said it may take multiple visits for young people to feel ready to open up and ask for help.

Other programs include the upcoming Cocooning Retreat-A New You and Butterfly Awards.

The Cocooning Retreat aims to set up mini-retreats that motivate individuals to be able to achieve whatever they think about, Dakin said.

The Butterfly Awards Gala aims to celebrate community members who are making an impact. The evening schedule for November 2022 will celebrate four people.

Unstuck Angels is another initiative that supports locals in their day-to-day life: helping with paying a bill, helping with childcare or whatever. Individuals nominate someone who could benefit from the support, and the foundation tries to help one or two people each month in central Alberta.

The Gulls Give Foundation joined us in supporting the Dakin Chase Foundation and donated $ 750. All of the foundation’s programs are funded by community and individual donations.

“How great it is for the local who supports the local. It will impact so many young people who need a safe space day and night, ”Dakin said.

The foundation is open for donations to help offset the cost of printing training materials and decals for the Yellow Butterfly Restaurant program. Restaurants and businesses are encouraged to put a yellow butterfly sticker on their storefront if they can provide a temporary and safe space for young people in their community.

“If you are interested in participating in Being a Safe Space, please email us at [email protected] We are currently working to bring together all of our contacts for each municipality in central Alberta to help bridge the youth divide. struggling and accessing Resources.

“It might not be the first or two visits, but once you gain their trust and have their best interests at heart, we may be able to save a few children from dangerous situations. Or they’ll open up to talk to someone before they become another statistic, ”Dakin said.

Visit the foundation’s website for more details at Departing from Sylvan Lake, Dakin said they were working to expand to Red Deer in the coming weeks, with the goal of spreading nationwide.