The Indian terrorist organization Mujahideen is strengthening its grip in Bihar, agencies warn.

Kathmandu: The Indian Mujahedin (IM) has set a goal of sheltering in Nepal and preparing more than 200 sleeper cells as members by 2022 in parts of Bihar-Bengal, except for the border areas of the Indo-Nepal. The report was sent to the Interior Ministry after receiving this information.

The list of certain suspects on the Indo-Nepalese border was also transmitted to the Ministry of the Interior by the SSB. After receiving such information, vigilance was stepped up in border areas. A watch is maintained by SSB jawans in Chappe-Chappe. The terrorists are funded by an agent of ISI, a Pakistani agency based in Nepal. The unemployed and miners in the Seemai area are drawn to become members of the sleeper cell.

It can be noted that ISI agents provide all kinds of facilities to trap young people in the early days. Recently, girls from Uzbekistan captured near the Jogbani entry checkpoint had also provided various intelligence information to the investigative agency. A large number of Afghan nationals as members of sleeper cells have also been active in the Simai regions for several years.

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