The Kiln Theater announces Spring 2022 Creative Engagement performances will take place on stage in January and February

Now artistic director of the Kiln Theatre, Indhu Rubasingham, announces that their Spring 2022 Creative Engagement performances will take place on stage in January and February. These readings are an opportunity for young people in North West London to present the productions they have been writing, designing and rehearsing since September 2021.

10 outstanding new writers from Brent, aged 18-30, attended eight writing workshops at the Kiln Theater as part of the Listen Local Young Writers programme. Supported by New Work Associate Thomas Wright, they wrote their first short plays. The plays will be presented to the public for the first time during two evenings of repeated readings in January. Hosted by a team of professional actors and directors on the oven stage, this project and the repeat readings provide an important platform to amplify and celebrate local Brent artists.

Artistic director Indhu Rubasingham said today: “It is fantastic that we have continued our work with young people in North West London and we are so proud to continue our dramatic projects against all odds. We hope our projects will bring continuity, community and space for self expression for young people This work is the cornerstone of the organization, and it is wonderful to have young people back in the building.

During February mid-term, the Kiln Creative Engagement team will present a double program of performances from Kiln Youth Theater for ages 7-15. Since September, 32 children and young people from Brent have been taking part in free weekly theater sessions to create brand new plays based on their own ideas.

Participants will collaborate with a team of designers and directors to bring their show to life on stage in Kiln, turning their ideas into reality.

Jenny Batt, Creative Engagement Manager, added: “Throughout the project, young people had fun, shared their ideas and talents, and developed skills and confidence. We look forward to sharing Youth theater‘s brilliant pieces with their families and friends, and to celebrate their enormous achievements.”

Associated with the new work of the oven theater, Thomas Wrightwho runs the Listen Local Young Writers programme, said today: “We are delighted to extend our offer to writers in North West London. The payoff is a two-way street as their energy and ideas fill our corridors and continually push us cheeky.”

Hear local repeat readings and theater performances for young people will be held in person and are free to attend.

Last week, Kiln Cinema screened a series of brand new short films, made by Minding the Gap participants to a guest audience. Participants come from Queens Park Community School and Claremont High School Academy. Minding the Gap is Kiln’s longest running creative engagement program and offers weekly theater and creative sessions to young people new to the UK.