The Mill Adventure Launches Flexible Tournament Tool for Player Engagement

Reading time: 3 minutes

Building on the competitive spirit of players and the simple satisfaction of winning, there’s nothing like the thrill of tournaments to stimulate player engagement. However, organizing tournaments may seem like a daunting task for some operators, given the effort and technological resources that are normally associated with it; in most platforms, to organize tournaments, operators have to spend extra money and use third parties that do not always integrate well with the platform.

This is why with a flexible tournament tool that is native to their platform, The Mill Adventure (TMA) offers a unique opportunity for white brands and operators to attract new players and hire existing ones, and even to improve the performance of a game. and boost a loyalty program. Check out some highlights below!

Vertical Cross: Create tournaments – not just for slots – but across multiple verticals such as live casinos and sports betting, so you can cater to different types of players and let them compete against each other.

Multiple tournament types and dynamic segmentation: Just like you have different goals for your campaigns, you can choose from several types of tournaments to achieve them. Tournaments can vary based on factors such as highest payout multiplier, most played payouts, and total number of wins, to name a few. Plus, you can take advantage of TMA’s powerful segmentation tools to make sure you’re targeting the right players with the right type of tournament.

Your tournament, your rules: Through a user-friendly interface, you can customize the way points are calculated based on factors such as verticals, sports markets, types of casino games, and even wallets. You can also adjust, as you wish, the entry requirements and limits of your tournaments, such as minimum stake, maximum number of points in a given period, odds in sports betting and inclusion (or exclusion) of bonus and free money. turned.

Manage tournaments with ease: Thanks to TMA’s content management system, each tournament gets an automatically generated page from which you can easily share tournament information, view eligible games and terms and conditions, and more.

Real-time ranking and full mobile support: Players can check their position on a leaderboard that updates in real time. Whether playing on a mobile, tablet or desktop, players don’t even have to leave a game to track their position, points earned and overall progress with TMA’s intuitive approach.

Flexible pricing and payments: Based on their position in the leaderboard, you can reward your players with any prize, created using TMA’s flexible bonus tool, at any time. You can even choose to pay the prizes automatically or check the winners before paying for full control. Apply a wagering requirement, reward real money, or pay out super spins with higher coin values ​​- in addition to giving players a notification to claim their prizes.

Compliant with regulated markets: All of these features are supported by TMA’s focus on compliance; the tournament tool can be used in any regulated market that allows incentives to players.

Whether you want to drive traffic to a specific game, seek to attract new players, or reward your most valuable players, tournaments, when properly organized, are a sure way to captivate your audience. Some of the biggest benefits that tournaments can add to your casino include increased lifetime player value, greater player loyalty, and long term commitment.

Bjørnar Heggernes, Casino Manager at The Adventure of the Mill, Explain, “Tournaments aren’t just a great feature for casinos; it has definitely proven to be crucial for the long term success of the casinos. With our tournament tool, we don’t just want to give operators the technology – more importantly, we want to give them the freedom and flexibility to easily create and customize their tournaments in a format and way that is unique to their business goals. and marketing. . “