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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – What was once a regular fast food joint wants to be converted into a beacon of hope for an organization.

The group Touched by an Angel wants to build a community center for all in Orange Mound as a resource and change the area for the better.

“It would bring a big change to this whole community,” said Willy Junior, who has lived in Orange Mound for more than 30 years.

He said he’s seen his share of hardships, from homelessness to violence.

Business owners like Norge Veledespino agree with the impact the community center would have.

“In this side of town, people struggle more than, say, other towns,” Veledespino said.

Junior said a community center would be a huge improvement, especially for young people. He said the organization is “just trying to make it better, to give the kids a better perspective, you know.”

Touched by an Angel founder, Larry Hunter told FOX13 that they have big plans and the project will include a kitchen, gym and entertainment center.

“There is a great need here in this part of the region,” Hunter said.

As he gets to know the community, he believes those who commit crimes in the area have no positive outlet. He wants the center to be something residents can use rather than turn to crime.

Hunter comes up with the idea of ​​having a monthly talent show if the community center can be built.

The organization’s founder added that the doors would be open 24/7 to anyone looking for any additional resources.

Veledespino, who is also the father of a young son, said he wanted something like this to be a place to better educate and support the city we live in.

“We need a little more education on how to treat others and respect others,” Veledespino said.

Hunter said the opportunity for change is there and he is ready to step up to make change happen.

“We have to be ready to step in and do something about it,” Hunter said.

Hunter said the project cannot become a reality without the help of the community. He created a gofundme page to launch the project.

Their target goal is $500,000.

If funds are raised for this project, he predicts that they will be able to have it built within six months.

CLICK HERE for a link to Larry Hunter’s fundraiser: Touched By An Angel Needs A (BUILDING).

CLICK HERE to learn more about the organization of Hunter, Touched By An Angel.

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