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Training provided by EO/TIX staff

Academic departments and groups can request a training session delivered by EO/TIX staff. Please submit your request using the form below and someone from our office will contact you to schedule the training session.

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Training available

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Awareness and Education (SHAPE):This training is designed to help educate the university community about sexual harassment with the aim of preventing it from happening. This course covers Title IX sexual harassment as well as other unlawful forms of sexual misconduct and sexual violence. SHAPE includes video thumbnails, key learning points, a live Q&A session, viewer tips, and important reference information. About. 1 hour. Available in person or remote format. Can be combined with Anti-Discrimination Education (ADE) in either format for a total training time of 90 minutes.)
  • Anti-Discrimination Education (ADE): This training provides simple and straightforward information on NSHE and UNR policy against unlawful discrimination and harassment. Discrimination on campus can take many forms – from overt acts of unfair treatment on the basis of race to gender-based stereotyping or those unintended, insensitive comments, otherwise known as microaggressions. This training outlines recognized protected statuses on campus, explains how and when discrimination can occur, and explains why it is everyone’s responsibility to prevent unlawful discrimination and harassment in all its forms. (Approximately 1 hour. Available in person or remotely. Can be combined with SHAPE training in either format for a total training time of 90 minutes.)
  • ADA training: This is an introductory course to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The course discusses ADA requirements and considerations for a more inclusive campus. The course also identifies common barriers on campus and provides techniques for removing those barriers. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of the ADA, as well as important reference information. (About 1 hour. Available in person or remotely.)
  • Privilege Workshop: This workshop is designed to help campus leaders from diverse backgrounds better identify and communicate identity issues, and learn to recognize privilege and how it works. It is a participatory workshop organized to produce a discourse where the results are drawn from the experiences and knowledge of the participants. It is more effective with small groups; however, it can be used with large groups through the use of additional facilitators. (About 1 hour. Must be done in person.)
  • Pride Pack Training: This training is designed to create dialogue and awareness about common issues faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQ+) people within our community. This training introduces participants to the terminology used to describe sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression, discusses the use of inclusive language and pronouns, and incorporates activities to help participants better understand their role in creating a more inclusive environment. (About 1 hour. Available in person or remotely.)
  • Consent and decision-making: This training aims to provide the information and skills needed to understand and practice consent. We’ll explore all aspects of consent (what it is, why it’s required, how to put it into practice). Through activities, video vignettes, and discussions, we’ll bust myths about consent and gender, learn about boundaries, explore the art of decision-making, and the reality of indecision. (About 1 hour. Available in person or remotely.)
  • Healthy relationships: This training covers definitions of domestic violence and dating violence, tactics an abuser can use to gain power and control over a partner, characteristics of a healthy relationship, warning signs of violent partners and available resources. This training can be customized to explore the nuances of healthy relationships with friends and relatives, in addition to romantic partners. (About 1 hour. Available in person or remotely.)
  • Title IX Settlement Discussion: This discussion covers the new Title IX regulations effective August 14, 2020. (15-30 minutes. Available in person or remotely.)

Mandatory training on the prevention of sexual harassment and discrimination

All University employees are required to take training on the prevention of sexual harassment and discrimination. Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) 284.496 (1)(2)(3) states:

      1. Within six months of an employee’s first appointment to government service, the employee must complete a certified sexual harassment prevention course.
      2. At least once every two years after first being appointed to government service, an employee must complete a certified training or refresher course in the prevention of sexual harassment.
      3. An appointing authority may require an employee to retake all or part of the courses or training required by paragraphs 1 and 2, or to participate in additional courses or training deemed necessary by the appointing authority.

Online training via Everfi/Foundry

NSHE has contracted with Everfi to provide online sexual harassment and discrimination training to its employees. Everfi uses the Foundry training platform for training. Each employee will receive an invitation to take sexual harassment and discrimination training by Foundry in accordance with the Nevada Administrative Code above.

Links to course assignments

Employees will receive their initial course assignment by email within the first six months of employment and again every two years. Employees assigned to a foundry course will receive periodic reminder emails until the training course is completed.

Login without your course assignment/reminder link

If you don’t have your class assignment/reminder email and login link, you can reset your login password directly on the Foundry website. Your login ID is the email address listed in your employee/student file.

      1. Visit the Everfi/Foundry login page
      2. Click on “Forgot your password?” link
      3. Enter your email address, which must match the email address on your employee/student record
      4. Click the “Reset Password” button/link

If you have already been uploaded to the Foundry system with the email address you entered, you will receive an email from Foundry containing a link to reset your password. You can then return to the website listed in step one, entering your email address and new password to log in to Foundry and access your courses. You can also log in and print or save your certificates from all previously completely Foundry courses.

Complete the training

Work at your own pace from any computer or tablet.

Classes will save your progress if you need to stop and come back later.

Courses are best supported by the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari (preferred) or Microsoft Internet Explorer 11+. If you need help installing these browsers, please contact support at (775) 682-5000.

Need help? Contact Everfi technical support using “Help” in the course or by visiting the support website.

Clear cookies from your browser. If you are having trouble logging in or completing the course, please log out of Foundry, close the tab or window, then clear your cookies. Web browsers cannot delete cookies from websites that are still open in other tabs or windows. You can then log back into the training to complete the course.

Certificate of completion

You will receive a certificate of achievement when you successfully complete the training. You do not need to send either to our office. However, we recommend that you retain both for your records.

Alternative training options

If you are unable to complete the required online training, please contact our office for other training options: [email protected] or (775) 784-1547.