Training Webinar on Arson in Homeless Communities: Engagement, Education, Awareness.

Each year for Arson Awareness Week, the US Fire Administration (USFA) gathers and shares information to raise awareness of arson or youth burning to provide fire departments and residents of the community strategies to address these issues in their community.

This year’s theme is Arson in Homeless Communities: Engagement – ​​Education – Awareness.

Arson Awareness Week 2022 Webinar

The National Volunteer Fire Council and the USFA will host a webinar on May 2 from 2-3 p.m. (EDT). Webinar presenters will provide insight into arson as it relates to our nation’s homeless population, using a holistic community risk reduction approach to address fire and life safety in this at-risk area. rapidly growing.


Webinar Objectives for Fire and EMS

  • Understand common motives for arson in homeless communities.
  • Learn about accidental and incendiary fires in homeless communities.
  • Find out how to identify resources to develop programs within the homeless community.
  • Highlight training opportunities to create outreach strategies.
  • Identify current effective mitigation concepts.
  • Learn how to develop standard operating procedures for documenting issues, creating potential codes and orders, and cultivating partnerships for a long-term strategic solution.

Webinar presentations

Community partnerships

The Indianapolis Fire Department’s Fire Investigation Section has partnered with various community responders to help mitigate the growing challenge of arson in the homeless community and the risk to firefighters. Commander Trevor Hanshew will present the successes and failures of the department.

Strategies to Prevent Vacant Home Fires

Detective James Albin of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department will discuss the department’s strategies to combat the problem of vacant residence fires. He will also talk about the difficulties encountered in bringing cases to court and prosecuting them effectively.

Fighting Arson in Homeless Communities: An Organizational Approach

Earl Diment, Portland (Oregon) Fire and Rescue (retired) and owner and CEO of Diment Consulting, will speak about the complex nature of the growing problem of homelessness. It will provide an organizational approach to developing partnerships, mapping issues, identifying resources, establishing continuous lines of communication and evaluating effectiveness in real time.

Training to help you reduce risk and create awareness strategies

The USFA’s National Fire Academy offers training courses helpful in developing a community-based risk reduction approach to solving fire and life safety issues in the homeless community.

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