Transition of Turkish Navy, Amphibious Assault and One-Ship Formations

Turkish Navy Transitional Amphibious Assault and Single Ship Formations

“Transition, Amphibious Assault and Single Ship” training was conducted with ships and soldiers from the Turkish Naval Forces Command.

The Ministry of National Defense reported on its official Twitter account that on July 16, 2021, Turkish Naval Forces conducted a “Transition, Amphibious Assault and One Ship” training. In sharing;

“Our Landing Ships from our Amphibious Mission Group Command conducted ‘Transition’, ‘Amphibious Assault’ and ‘Single Ship’ training with our amphibious landing craft TCG BAYRAKTAR. ” expressions have been included.

The Rescue and Underwater Command conducted a “Diving with a Diving System with Surface Supply”

The Ministry of National Defense announced on its social network Twitter account that the “Diving with surface supply diving system” training of the Rescue and Submarine Command had been provided. It was reported that the trainings were conducted by specialized first-class diving personnel while diving to 335 meters. The following statements have been included in the statement:

The “Dive with Surface Supply Dive System” training was conducted by Rescue and Underwater Command’s First Class Diver Specialists by diving 335 meters with the Atmospheric Dive System. “

Source: defenseturk