TRL Supports Latinx Youth Summit

By Taniah Najih | Timberland Regional Library

Timberland Regional Library has once again partnered with the Hispanic Roundtable and other community sponsors to host the annual Latinx Youth Summit, scheduled for Tuesday, November 22 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at Evergreen State College.

At the Latinx Youth Summit (LYS), Latinx high school students from Thurston, Mason, Lewis, Pacific and Grays Harbor counties have the opportunity to learn about post-secondary education pathways, celebrate their multicultural heritage and focus on their future, said Betsy Storey, utility specialist at the Olympia Timberland Library.

“This vital and unique community event provides students in TRL’s five-county district with access to the tools they need to build the bridge from high school to college and beyond,” Storey said.

Students can register online at They will receive packets with event information and agenda when they arrive at the summit.

It’s the 20the year for the Latinx Youth Summit (LYS), and the Timberland Regional Library (TRL) has supported the event for 19 years. Storey, who helped organize the LYS for several years on behalf of TRL, is passionate about this support.

“TRL can offer a special set of academic and career resources for students and their families, in English and Spanish, to help them achieve their goals,” Storey said. “In this way, our partnership with Hispanic Roundtable to present LYS fits perfectly, as we are united in the same mission to provide all young people with information, opportunities and hope for their future.

This year’s summit will feature nationally acclaimed Mexican poet Yosimar Reyes. Reyes is a LAMBDA Literary Fellow and recipient of the Undocupoets Fellowship.

According to a summary of the LYS agenda, Reyes will be followed by workshops, lunch, an exhibitor lounge with activities and a raffle, a panel discussion of Latinx alumni and the music of Sin Fronteras. Translation services will be available

Storey said the event was rich in knowledge and inspiration for the students.

“The theme for this year’s Summit is inspired by a Mexican proverb: ‘We are seeds: they wanted to bury us, but they forgot that we are seeds,'” Storey said. “It’s an especially fitting sentiment as we encourage our young people to navigate through the stress and anxiety they’ve experienced during and after the pandemic to overcome obstacles with confidence.”

Students with a TRL library card can access educational and career resources on by clicking “Learn”, then “Reference Database”, followed by “Jobs, Education and Practice Tests”.

LYS housing duties rotate between South Puget Sound Community College, Grays Harbor Community College, Saint Martin’s University, Evergreen State College, and Centralia College.