Urgent need for blankets at Rochester Organization

As I write this, Southeast Minnesota is in the midst of a pretty massive heat wave, so asking you to look through your closets and stockpile this particular item might seem odd. But Rochester, Minnesota, a city organization needs our help ASAP.

A nonprofit in Rochester, Minnesota is asking the community for general donations

The other day I was at the Salvation Army in Rochester and had the opportunity to meet some of the people in our community who are helped by this non-profit organization. Unfortunately, it lacks an element that everyone needs. Blankets.

We no longer have blankets for our homeless clients in our Social Services Resource Room. Blanket donations are greatly appreciated. Donations can be brought to 115 First Avenue NE here in Rochester. Thank you and God bless you! – Rochester, MN Salvation Army Facebook Page

Here’s where you can drop blankets to help Rochester-area residents

Let’s help the Salvation Army stock up so there are enough blankets for the winter months ahead. The Salvation Army is located at 115 1st Ave. NE in Rochester, Minnesota and you can easily drop blankets there. (Get directions here.)

Learn more about the Salvation Army and how they help the community

You may be familiar with the Salvation Army because of the services it provides during disasters. For example, the Salvation Army Disaster Services team is preparing to travel to Kentucky to help deal with recent flooding. But the Salvation Army also helps in the following areas: providing housing, curing hunger, empowering young people, equipping families, sharing God’s love, helping people deal with addiction, rent assistance and public services, Clinique du Bon Samaritain, and more.

You can find out more about how you can help and about The Salvation Army on their website here.

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