US Consulate Opens Innovative Engagement Space in Lagos – Businessamlive


The United States Consulate has opened a space for public diplomatic engagement at the National Museum in Lagos, the commercial hub of Nigeria.

The innovative engagement space was inaugurated on Monday by James Suor, acting consul general of the United States, and Abba Tijani, director general of the National Commission of Museums and Monuments, accompanied by Aina Ayoola, permanent secretary of the ministry. of Youth and Social Development of Lagos State.

Opening the space is in line with the U.S. government’s commitment to support initiatives that promote learning, provide opportunities for students to share ideas in an engaging environment, and promote cultural preservation efforts.

Lagos National Museum

Suor hailed the opening as another innovative US government project in Nigeria that will facilitate learning in an engaging environment for students.

“This modern educational space will stimulate curiosity in the minds of children, support learning, facilitate thinking, and promote shared ideals between the United States and Nigeria,” Suor said at the groundbreaking ceremony.

“Space will also promote shared values ​​of democracy and encourage strong bonds between people,” he said.

Suor praised Pearl Recycling, a nonprofit waste recycling organization founded by Olamide Ayeni-Babajide, an alumnus of the US government-sponsored TechWomen program for working with the US Consulate to create this innovative space.

He explained that the programs funded by the US government have been extremely beneficial to the Nigerian people, boosting intellectual and cross-cultural capital, and have also become catalysts for professional alumni networks that help address global challenges.

He noted that the recent upgrade of the Old Residency Museum Archives in Calabar with a digital conference facility and open space for educational events and the new open learning space at the National Museum in Lagos are important additions to the efforts. efforts of the US government to support Nigerian museums and the preservation of Nigerian cultural heritage.

“Since the inception of the Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation program, Nigeria has received 10 grants worth $1 million with projects spread across the country, and these preservation projects benefit both generations future and growth of the tourism industry,” Suor said.

In his remarks, Professor Tijani applauded the United States government’s commitment to empowering youth through innovative learning spaces and preserving Nigeria’s cultural heritage.

“This space is a world-class space and will provide people with the opportunity to engage and learn, and also to visit the newly renovated permanent exhibit at the national museum where we preserve cultural artifacts for posterity,” a- he declared.

Ayoola from the Lagos State Ministry of Youth and Social Development also commended the US government for its continued partnership with Nigeria in providing children with opportunities to explore their environment as part of a holistic educational experience.

The Public Diplomacy Engagement Space is funded by the U.S. Consulate General Lagos Public Diplomacy Grant and will bring more young people to the Lagos Museum to learn, research and share ideas.