Viral video: man spits on dough while preparing “rotis” in engagement ceremony

Meerut: The year before, another example of spit bread surfaced in the Meerut (Meerut) region of Uttar Pradesh (Uttar Pradesh). The crimes that come to light here every few months also involved the police. According to authorities, during an engagement ceremony in the Kankarkheda region, a youth spat on bread and offered it to people attending the celebration. Meanwhile, a toddler filmed the event and showed it to family members.

Family members of the accused have already called him and handed him over to the cops. The case has now been reported to the police. The whole case is said to have originated in the area of ​​the Kankarkheda police station in Meerut. The case is currently under investigation, according to police. The accused was apprehended by the police. The incident allegedly took place at Laxmi Nagar on Sardhana Road during an engagement ceremony. A young man was baking bread on the tandoor throughout the event. The same teenager is now accused of spitting on him while he was baking bread. After seeing the footage of the accuser of the child, family members contacted the entrepreneur and asked him to contact the accused.

When the young defendants and the contractors came, the family members alerted the police to the event and summoned them to the scene. The accused child was brought to the police station, and the head of the police station said: “Strict measures will be taken against the accused.

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